Thursday, 16 August 2018

Whats going on.....

So after a 2 year break from the blog due to family commitments, I am trying to find the time to post again on a regular basis.  Even though the blog has been quiet my Mixcloud page has all my mixes on from the the day we started posting online.

Turbo Fm Show.  This mix series has 49 mixes in its first year and then 11 mixes in 2017.  Please continue to share these mixes and enjoy the music I play.

House Collective.  This is one of the reasons my break from the blog lasted so long.  A group of local Djs, me included, decided to create a group of like minded people and create a group/collective to share the music we play stream live mixes through facebook.  We now a studio space all kitted out for our live streams.  Please check out our page House Collective Live Broadcasts 
also check our Youtube channel for some live streams from all the Djs.   The main link for all the mixes from the live shows is mixcloud.

Kontrol Podcast.  2018 is a whole new podcast series.  Kontrol is the new podcast for 2018, a blend of all house music that I am playing at the moment.  Please like and share all the mixes this year so far.

All the current podcasts can be found on iTunes also, just search Turbo FM Podcast - House Music and that is me.

Thanks for the continued support, if you have new tracks you want share and post on the blog please send them to

F1 & Out

Kontrol Podcast 06

Kontrol Podcast 05