Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Live Stream... TURBO FM

We are live in the mix on Saturday 

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dr. Hoof - Electro Magic in a world full of drops and big beats.

Whilst going about my day as normal my phone goes 'ping', an email.  After a nice espresso and chocolate biscuit I found myself head nodding and toe tapping to this tune that landed in the inbox.

Everybody welcome to Dr Hoof or as his family know him Stan Readyhoof.

After a few emails and a little research ladies and gentlemen we would like you to take 90mins out of your day to enjoy Stans mix (above) and all these fantastic tunes he has produced. This is a little insight into Stan.....

Hi Stan, thanks for getting in touch with us and sharing your new tune 8bit. Please can you tell us and our followers how you got into making music? 
I got a launchpad at the start of 2014, and as I've always been good at computers, the idea of a purely digital-based instrument appealed a lot. At the time I had just been introduced into EDM by a good friend of mine, and the launchpad seemed like a good first step to take into trying my hand at live performances. At the time I had no idea of how it would lead me to where I am now.
Initially I would spend hours in my room each day learning to play songs by the big launchpad legends like M4sonic, Nev, and Madeon. As I got better and better, I realised that the software was capable of so much more. It was then that I began to experiment with making my own sounds, and eventually my own songs.
What equipment do you use?
For producing my favourite bit of kit has to be the launchpad, physically pushing buttons is so much more responsive than using the software in isolation - especially when I've got a melody stuck in my head that I'm struggling to get into the song.
Other than that I have my trusty midi keyboard and my RP6's - all of which were fantastic investments. 
Recently I've begun using FL studio a lot more as I feel it's an extremely friendly interface, and with some of the top producers using it, the amount of support out there is staggering.
How long have you been producing. ?
I made my first song about a year ago, the first one which I was proud of is Torrent, which was October 2014. That song got aired on local radio which was my first taste of success. It was a great feeling - and I never want it to end.
Who is your favorite Dj at present and why?
This is a very tough question - but at the moment, Don Diablo. His tracks are excellently produced, his sound is very unique, and he puts on a great party when playing at gigs. Thoroughly nice guy as well.
What best describes your sound?
I love taking risks and infusing chip-tune inspired sounds with bigroom basses - as far as I'm aware not many artists do this.
What's next?
I'd love to get a good vocal artist to work with on a regular basis. I firmly believe vocals are the best way to take a song from the underground into the mainstream. Female vocals on dance tracks are my favourite.