Wednesday, 28 January 2009

.....30 yrs of house music

.....30 yrs of house music is a solo mix from the older member of F1, yes old boy Elkstar, 30 freaking years and so much more to come.

This mix is a collection of the best house tunes from the day i started spinning the wheels of steel. A massive big up to the man like Woods>> in the house, with out you music is nothing.....remember 'F1 music matters', the statement is so true.

The days that brought my age to 30 are some of the best house parties anyone has ever seen, cold Sundays playing football and the unforgettable meeting in the Woods......umbrella whiteys..ha ha ha

Thanks to all who have been with me on this journey.

Enjoy the mix..........

DL: 30 yrs of house music

Monday, 26 January 2009 for a small one?

.....this next mix is a solo effort from sh'boy woods>>f1 and was one of those moments where i had just walked the dog, downed a quick drink and disappeared up the communial passage make dreams come to reality.

what we have here is a scintillating composite of smutty breaks, unsanitary bass and simply adorable hooks.

i kind of disagree with the musical term eclectic being recognised as "shit" by the masses but provided you get the mix right, i'm happy to use it on this occasion.

i was in a deep/dirty mood overall which relates to the idiotproof section towards the end of the mix who are quite literally, ramming home their message. Jesus, i mean anyone who is ignorant enough to not know what they're about needs some education!! You can find such wholly organic produce on Beatport - goodies like their audiobullys - flickery vision remix ...

i'm still trying to hunt down a copy of their remix of armand van helden's - a track called jack however (nudge nudge).

another featured favourite is chris lake and the beautifully arranged mission which is one of those tunes with a haunting riff that drives you wild, one which sits inside your head...pretty much forever, don't say i didn't warn you.

...finally i would like to draw all your attention to matt's 30th birthday.....which was yesterday. i've known this little bitch since we were 3 and i would like to congratulate him on reaching such a ripe old age, well done son.

for now though, pin back your ears and embrace the dirty kitchen quickie ....


Monday, 19 January 2009

STOP!!!!!!!!!! Hammer Time

Well another week has passed and the F1 boys are planning big things for 2009. Sunday mixing is the only time we get to chat about the shit life throws at you..... After talking really hard we pulled out the stops and sprayed the air with fresh sounds, a bit like a 'HAZE' spray thing but not as cheap, so it went a bit DISCO in the middle but thats just F1 style. Smiles all round, Woods has the that cheeky grin that says 'for some reason i'm really happy', and Me, just happy to be able to walk out of the kitchen having done no washing up.....YOU BEAUTY

No more nails and Homebase hammers, not the correct way to hang a picture but picture this, close ya eyes and dream of hot summer days, white fluffy clouds and proper Electronic Disco...

Click/Download/Enjoy....................F1 & out.

Hammer Time

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back to the old skool

Way back in 1983, two young boys met for the first time at a rundown village hall. From that day on we stayed friends and still share a big love for music. 1995 It all started with two 1210's and a made to fade mixer. The venue was Dan's bedroom, the boys would come round for a smoke and a mix. Friday night was the night that we would spend hours playing tunes and listening to Radio1, Tongy and Rampling are the guys that kept us in touch with fresh soundz.

So we have brought it back to the old skool with this mix. It's been a while but the plastic had to come out the box. A funky house set of the most pure and soulful tunes around.

Download this mix and experience the soul within.....bosssshhhhhh

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fresh new mix for you, just a selection of tunes for a good time....get on down to the funky sounds of F1.....The player1 mix..........a bit like 1 on 1 but only one player....Elk in the mix..DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW
This one is for Fisherman Jay. Hope you enjoy..... Get to the choppa!!!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

'what happens on sundays'

'what happens on sundays'....................F1 rock the freaking place

This Sunday we are graced with the Garage Boys, Jim and Bengo, in the kitchen for a mix up.

Get ya ear drums around this sexy little number. 70mins of pure elctrorgasmic sounds.

Jim and Bengo are the men behind The Garage Boys, a small group of Dj's that spin around in the well known Garage Disco (Rusko), it's all dirty beats and the best lighting rig in town. The Garage Boys invited F1 to join them in the Garage and we fell in love with the place....F1 Mixalot Crew was born....when we all get in the mix the music style is electro, fidget and tech house. Bengo joined us at Heathfeilds and rocked the joint, this year's outdoor festival is gonna be off the hook.
Enjoy the mix....Download for free now...................F1 and out

Friday, 2 January 2009

The Mash up sessions.........

The mash up sessions is from 11.20pm NYE (1.1) through till 1.15am New Years Day(1.2).......This is what F1 are all about. Funky fresh sounds from '99 to '09 it can't get any better. We love this mash up, it's got to be the most fun we've had in the kitchen so far......

Download the before and after mixes of midnight..............enjoy
Before Mix(1.1)
After Mix(1.2)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year from all at F1

Elklstar> ha ha ha, so funny, propper house party, drinks all over the floor and a drunk santa in a old man's chair.....quality

woods>OMG what a party...i can't honstly believe that my bed is just 2 doors away! we are having one hell of a session tonight

elkstar>the coffee machine is working over drive, moose T in the background, perfect begining to the new year.

woods>the quality classics are coming out now holmes, just dropped somore - what you want!

download the first installment of our up and coming legend session!!!!!!


F1 NYE sessions 1.0