Saturday, 21 November 2009

Let's Play It's A Mash UP

hello, welcome to it's a mash with your host's, F1 and The Garage Boyz........
download the mixes from the night that the fed's came round..

DL>>Quick fire round 1
DL>>>>>>>>Double Money Round-----win a speed boat***

Friday, 30 October 2009

hits from the bong vol. 1

what we have here is very special..... we're going back to the speed garage days with a selection of underground classics for all to enjoy and re-live!

you'll have to excuse a couple of pops and crackles from the vinyl as they've had some hammer over the years, although some of the oldest Strictly Rhythm platters still give off a really sharp sound. anyone who owns one will know what i mean..

the first in this prestigeous line up is very special and i think i bought it from Arcade Records nottingham. it gives off a wicked party vibe and is still sat in my box to this day..

>>>divine soul - shake that ass!! (black & white party)<<<

next up is a remix of a well known record which was only available on the double pack release and i couldn't afford it at the time so i went without. then Tuff Jam released their first mix compliation "underground frequencies" where the track featured on a bonus unmixed CD. pretty much useless to me as the pioneer cdj500 had only just come out and cost a fortune!

two big tracks next remixed by none other than Armand van Helden. whilst speed garage was making an impact on clubland these two tracks stood head & shoulders above the rest. i remember it was elkies birthday party at the rugby club and tipps and i dropped the runaway remix, jesus, we would only have been 16/17!

im losing the will to live whilst converting vinyl to cd and uploading etc so here are the others i had in mind, we'll call them bonus tracks yeh?

more quality conversions to follow very soon!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

so much love to give ←♥♥♥♥

ok.... this next mix was put together by me a couple of months ago, but due to being slack i have not had the time to load it up.

it's wicked funked up nu disco selection this time round with immense influences from GRUM >>> visit his myspace now!!


tommy sparks - miracle (grum remix)

grum - heartbeat ←♥♥♥♥

franz ferdinand - no you girls (foamo remix)

dj dan - i don't care (hot mouth remix)

ducksauce - aNYway

friendly fires - skeleton boy (grum remix)

chris lake - if i knew

malente - i like it (riva starr remix)

reset! - sex machine

the aston shuffle - do you want more (aston shuffle remix)

freeland - borderline (grum remix)

miike snow - animal (fake blood remix)

fake blood - fix your accent

ducksauce - you're nasty ←♥♥♥♥

passion pit - to kingdom come (grum remix)

armand van helden - a track called jack (idiotproof remix) ←♥♥♥♥

big props to the idiotproof boys for the final track, finally got a full copy. good boy G! get a load of their myspace HERE

click below and start shockin out x

Sunday, 25 October 2009

what time is it...

elk>> it's been a while and we are back with full effect

woods>>we've now moved to temporary premises, the dining room! Don't worry though the sounds are still fresh enough to suit your pallette..

..we have a fresh new mix for all lovers of quality rips 'n' flips

elk>> sunday's just aren't the same without the f1 hot mix. so since we've been away we have a new member to the f1 klan on it's way, package open feb 2010, handle with care. the warehouse project is at it's early stage and we look forward to many fresh mixes with the f1 mix-alot-crew

woods>>mate, I cannot wait for that. one big mash-up? in a warehouse style? you know it makes sense rodney!

elk>>just keep posted for news on that one..... for now we have a splendid mixture of f1 hits and we don't stop rockin'....

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (Mightyfools Remix)
Lily Allen - The Fear (Bat B More Bootleg)
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Women (2009)
Patric La Funk - Xylo (Bingo Players Mix)
Phonat - Fire
Fenech Soler - Lies (Phantom's Revenge Remix)
Louis La Roche - Missing You
Audiobully's - Way Too Long (Switch Remix // Kyle Watson Edit)
Knightlife - Discotirso
DJ Falcon - Untitled (Hijack Remix)
Michael Jackson - Say Say Say
Burns - In My Eyes (His Majesty Andre Remix)
Hostage - Badman
Jack Beats - Rainstick (Herve's Monsoon Mix)
La Roux - I'm Not your Toy (DATA Rmx)
The Phantom's Revenge - Late
Bestrack - Do It All Night
The Phantom's Revenge - Jonny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai
Dominik De Leon - Everything Changes (TV Rock mix)

woods>>as you can see from the tracklist this is a truly spectacular mix for you to download and rock to on the ipod!

elk>>ipod, nimrod, we are GOD, thanks for listening. Until the next time, stay safe bloggers.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

back once again

well its been a while since we last posted any shizzle from the kitchen mixer. the truth is we have to move soon and finding a suitable spot for the F1 studios is proving very hard. wanker bankers have stopped the move to the mansion so the pool party is off for now, the padling pool party is still on so no armbands needed (Craggy), Disco Jim has gone to the disco clouds and the last we heard from the garage crew was before the DOME, thats one massive come down chaps......hope to see you all soon for a mash up in the garage, Rusko stylie.
......we still have some fresh mixes for ya and hot new tunes....
....yes it's been warm and holiday we have had, so all tanned up and ready for some shitty rain we are.

.....shout out to Bengo with the news.......well done son....

two hot mixes for ya, both with the smell of cut grass and the sound of bee's in the ruddy flower beds...buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
F1 & out
>DL....Friday Sunshine
>DL.......Sunday Sunshine

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

......sunday mash up, F1 STYLE....

............this sunday is a true bank holiday special. the sun has been out, shocker, and the garden is looking sweet, oh yer, not forgetting the sun has been out.......once again we have pulled out the stops for a hot hot need to get ya ear drums around this one to value the full phat flavor of F1.......

DL So Fresh And So Clean

Monday, 20 April 2009

.....the sun is out.....

......thank god for the sunshine. wish i was where the bums are. sunday 19th april hosted a great mash up for the f1 boys. i love the mixes we have for you. a short and sweet mix followed by the mother of mixes. bouncing round the kitchen like Tigger from Pooh, as we call it 'the F1 WorkOut'. electro madness with a twist lemon makes the weekend drift further away and monday morning peers over the hilltops outside the F1 kitchen. if life was as simple as playing the tunes you love to hear all day long.........thank god for the SUNSHINE *****

DL> mini 50mins
DL> full length hot mix

Friday, 10 April 2009

College is ready for a good party......

.....sorry for being really slack, no excuse, just been a bit lazy. Played at the club a week ago and it went down a storm so COLLEGE is on, for the next six months we rock the last friday, dirty and sweet vocals on a electro tip is all we need to play with the minds of the youth that spit at Granny's and happy slap helpless folk....picked up some materials for the event from skegvegas, gained a massive kite and enjoyed the windy east coast breeze.......

DL>School disco mix

Sunday, 22 March 2009

sunshine and happiness.....

.....the sun has made this weekend a special one. Thanks to man of weather, cheers bro, i managed to get all the outside jobs sorted and a round of that hitting a white ball on clean cut grass, then sinking it into a round hole.

The F1 boys are hosting a club night at the local discotech. Last friday of every month is ours for the next 6months ....... come and join the fun......

F1 Boy's doin it sweet

Monday, 16 March 2009


it's that time again, yet another post for you all to jack ya body, wind ya body to.......DISCO Jim joined me in the kitchen this week.............the photo above is of the Garage Disco........where dreams come true............
Woods>> is now 30yrs wiser and for this reason he couldn't join us, and due to the fact that he got mashed up the night before.........
This Sunday session is a fresh mix of electro bangers and thanks to Jim the freshness is so ripe it's sweeeet dude..........


Monday, 9 March 2009

......sunday mash up, F1 STYLE....

.....after ordering meal B from the local take a way, i knew this Sunday was a special one. To start with no cooking the usual roast and no washing up.....fooooking magic.

Woods>> is just back from the big smoke and a picture of Buckingham Palace confirms that the family saw red men in fuzzy hats. Good skills. I on the other hand just floated around all weekend with not much to do. Spinned some of dem choons with Bengo on saturday at pete's 30th but...... The highlight has to be the Bengo story............MODA friday eve, too many zambooooka's and a massive bouncer had to grab him from climbing on stage to join Calvin Harris in a dance off......Bengo 10:1 favorite..................Bengo you rock.....enjoy this one, it's fresh and dirty.......f1 & out

DL>F1 MaShUp

Sunday, 1 March 2009

...well it's that time of the week again...

.....due to a weekend in Kensington we missed a post and are ready to make up for it. This Sunday Bengo (from the garage crew) is joining us for a total mash up of fidget, tech and electronic beats. As a special plus to tonights proceedings we have a 12yr bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey and its flowing so smooth, like the rivers in flood season....

1: Kennet l Tomas & Sean Micheals - Funktion Won (maxie Devine RMX)
2: Daze of Thunder - Ghost Hunter
3: Twilo People - With Or Without You (Tim weeks rmx)
4: Felguk - Guess What
5: Andre Crom - Jazz Thang - (Riva Starr rmx)
6: Stupid Bastard - Hype up
7: Cienk&Kez - This Is Our House
8: Igor S - Keep It Goin - Feat Lady Brian
9: Dave Lee - Latronica (Dave Spoon Remix)
10: Glamrock Bros... - Ma Baker
11: Consistent - Midday Blend - ( Oliver Remix)
12: Young Punx - Juice & Gin (Riva Starr Remix)
13: Black Finger - UMF (heavyfeet Rmx)
14: Marc De Pulse - PS You Rock ( Spektre Remix)
15: Xpress 2 - London Xpress (Idiotproof Remix)
16: N.A.S.A - Whatyadoin
17: Heinrichs&Hirtenfellner - Tromp it

DL>> Sunday Sessions

Monday, 16 February 2009 all started with a lighter and rizla in 1997......

......back in the days you would have found us ringing the hot line from DJ magazine and listening to the HOT PLAYS from the Hype Chart, then straight out on a saturday, catching the train to the city of Lincoln........a few Lamberts later and we ended up at one of three record shops spending all the money we had on a selection of tunes and then back to the Bedroom Studio to roll another one and belt out our new purchases.......tape player on record and off we go......

This mix is our F1 HIT LIST. Some of the greatest records ever produced, starting things in 1997 and progressing into 2000's, its about the music.......


Monday, 9 February 2009

....we know how to make you move..........

Yes we've done it again. Fresh sounds for a Sunday Session and it won't get better than this. Dedicated to the Australian fan base, this mix of JaCkEd up beats and DiScO breaks has to be my favorite blend to date.

Red nosed Woods>> still shaking off his cold has pulled some gems out of the bag. Jumping around the kitchen like Big Issue Sellers on CrAcK we lost pounds and smashed some tile flooring....... but hey, if we rock then you will too.

Enjoy...............Elkstar & out


Saturday, 7 February 2009

Saturday and snow is clearing....

f*%k winter, is February. Bring on the warmer breeze. As normal i was bloging last night and came across some nice funky little numbers, the kitchen was free and without my partner in crime i proceeded to enjoy the funky moment i created on this cold Saturday afternoon. i've thrown together this cheeky little 1hr mix so enjoy it and watch the snow melt away...


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

whats going on in the gararge.....

It may seem a bit strange but the garage is normally a place for all the shit you don't want in the house..............well.............the garage at Jim's place is converted into a mini night club with a lighting rig and dj both. It all started from having a dream and making it happen...........a place to get mashed and away from the the garage was born.

This mix is the first of many to come from the garage. Jim, Andy and Me (matt, F1).

Dedicated to Bengo and Woods>> for being slack and not turning up.........peace out and enjoy.

DL: Garage Mix#1

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

.....30 yrs of house music

.....30 yrs of house music is a solo mix from the older member of F1, yes old boy Elkstar, 30 freaking years and so much more to come.

This mix is a collection of the best house tunes from the day i started spinning the wheels of steel. A massive big up to the man like Woods>> in the house, with out you music is nothing.....remember 'F1 music matters', the statement is so true.

The days that brought my age to 30 are some of the best house parties anyone has ever seen, cold Sundays playing football and the unforgettable meeting in the Woods......umbrella whiteys..ha ha ha

Thanks to all who have been with me on this journey.

Enjoy the mix..........

DL: 30 yrs of house music

Monday, 26 January 2009 for a small one?

.....this next mix is a solo effort from sh'boy woods>>f1 and was one of those moments where i had just walked the dog, downed a quick drink and disappeared up the communial passage make dreams come to reality.

what we have here is a scintillating composite of smutty breaks, unsanitary bass and simply adorable hooks.

i kind of disagree with the musical term eclectic being recognised as "shit" by the masses but provided you get the mix right, i'm happy to use it on this occasion.

i was in a deep/dirty mood overall which relates to the idiotproof section towards the end of the mix who are quite literally, ramming home their message. Jesus, i mean anyone who is ignorant enough to not know what they're about needs some education!! You can find such wholly organic produce on Beatport - goodies like their audiobullys - flickery vision remix ...

i'm still trying to hunt down a copy of their remix of armand van helden's - a track called jack however (nudge nudge).

another featured favourite is chris lake and the beautifully arranged mission which is one of those tunes with a haunting riff that drives you wild, one which sits inside your head...pretty much forever, don't say i didn't warn you.

...finally i would like to draw all your attention to matt's 30th birthday.....which was yesterday. i've known this little bitch since we were 3 and i would like to congratulate him on reaching such a ripe old age, well done son.

for now though, pin back your ears and embrace the dirty kitchen quickie ....


Monday, 19 January 2009

STOP!!!!!!!!!! Hammer Time

Well another week has passed and the F1 boys are planning big things for 2009. Sunday mixing is the only time we get to chat about the shit life throws at you..... After talking really hard we pulled out the stops and sprayed the air with fresh sounds, a bit like a 'HAZE' spray thing but not as cheap, so it went a bit DISCO in the middle but thats just F1 style. Smiles all round, Woods has the that cheeky grin that says 'for some reason i'm really happy', and Me, just happy to be able to walk out of the kitchen having done no washing up.....YOU BEAUTY

No more nails and Homebase hammers, not the correct way to hang a picture but picture this, close ya eyes and dream of hot summer days, white fluffy clouds and proper Electronic Disco...

Click/Download/Enjoy....................F1 & out.

Hammer Time

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back to the old skool

Way back in 1983, two young boys met for the first time at a rundown village hall. From that day on we stayed friends and still share a big love for music. 1995 It all started with two 1210's and a made to fade mixer. The venue was Dan's bedroom, the boys would come round for a smoke and a mix. Friday night was the night that we would spend hours playing tunes and listening to Radio1, Tongy and Rampling are the guys that kept us in touch with fresh soundz.

So we have brought it back to the old skool with this mix. It's been a while but the plastic had to come out the box. A funky house set of the most pure and soulful tunes around.

Download this mix and experience the soul within.....bosssshhhhhh

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fresh new mix for you, just a selection of tunes for a good time....get on down to the funky sounds of F1.....The player1 mix..........a bit like 1 on 1 but only one player....Elk in the mix..DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW
This one is for Fisherman Jay. Hope you enjoy..... Get to the choppa!!!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

'what happens on sundays'

'what happens on sundays'....................F1 rock the freaking place

This Sunday we are graced with the Garage Boys, Jim and Bengo, in the kitchen for a mix up.

Get ya ear drums around this sexy little number. 70mins of pure elctrorgasmic sounds.

Jim and Bengo are the men behind The Garage Boys, a small group of Dj's that spin around in the well known Garage Disco (Rusko), it's all dirty beats and the best lighting rig in town. The Garage Boys invited F1 to join them in the Garage and we fell in love with the place....F1 Mixalot Crew was born....when we all get in the mix the music style is electro, fidget and tech house. Bengo joined us at Heathfeilds and rocked the joint, this year's outdoor festival is gonna be off the hook.
Enjoy the mix....Download for free now...................F1 and out

Friday, 2 January 2009

The Mash up sessions.........

The mash up sessions is from 11.20pm NYE (1.1) through till 1.15am New Years Day(1.2).......This is what F1 are all about. Funky fresh sounds from '99 to '09 it can't get any better. We love this mash up, it's got to be the most fun we've had in the kitchen so far......

Download the before and after mixes of midnight..............enjoy
Before Mix(1.1)
After Mix(1.2)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year from all at F1

Elklstar> ha ha ha, so funny, propper house party, drinks all over the floor and a drunk santa in a old man's chair.....quality

woods>OMG what a party...i can't honstly believe that my bed is just 2 doors away! we are having one hell of a session tonight

elkstar>the coffee machine is working over drive, moose T in the background, perfect begining to the new year.

woods>the quality classics are coming out now holmes, just dropped somore - what you want!

download the first installment of our up and coming legend session!!!!!!


F1 NYE sessions 1.0