Sunday, 12 December 2010

..some crackers for xmas...

the holiday season is fast approaching and the Turbo Fm crew are all looking forward to the BANG'D UP bash on boxing day eve. we have some sweet crackers ready to be opened see the links below.

Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister - Do! Do! Do! (Laidback Luke Remix)

check out Dj Kue, some really good things are coming from this guy at the moment


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

....S4 KONTROL....

Native Instruments release the ultimate Traktor controller, the Kontrol S4, with built-in 4 channel sound card allowing four deck mixing, on-board sample controls and an all new dedicated Traktor Pro S4 software.

This device really is what controller based Traktor users have been waiting for, following the success of the Kontrol X1, the Kontrol S4 offers a built-in 4 in, 4 out soundcard with Native Instruments renowned 96 kHz, 24 bit sound quality, meaning that this controller will sound amazing on even the biggest club sound systems. Not only does the controller feature great sound, but also boasts high quality knobs and faders and also features patent pending Electro Magnetic jog wheel technology, giving them a better resistance and firmer feel so that they can withstand even the toughest professional use, and because Native Instruments use their own HID technology, the controls offer an extreme tight and accurate precision, far superior to MIDI.

The Kontrol S4 features on-board sample controls which can be used to playback and loop samples from your favourite sample banks or from the high quality sample and loop bank included with the controller. The sample controls can also be used to lift loops from whichever track is playing, so that they can be stored in Traktor Pro S4's all new loop library and played back later in the mix.

Because the S4 is designed and built by Native Instruments, the controls could not be better layed-out to suit the Traktor Pro S4 software, at the top of the controller you'll find effects parameters that mimic exactly what you'll see on screen, and in exactly the same position, making it easy to navigate in dark venues. The large 4 inch jog wheels are also centrely located and can be used for track searching, scratch control and pitch bend uses. The lower half of the controller features high quailty transport controls, as well as loop functions (including loop in and out, digital loop size display and loop size knobs), four hot cue controls, sample controls and of course, 4 channel faders with individual level displays, allowing simultanious four deck mixing.

Another exciting feature of the Kontrol S4 is the abilty to connect external devices such as a CDJ, turntable, or an external synth, allowing the DJ to play them 'thru' Traktor Pro S4, giving the DJ the ability to add Traktors effects to all your favourite tracks, whether they are on CD or vinyl. A software update will also allow the DJ to use timecode control to intergrate Traktor Scratch as well as the Kontrol S4 into your sets.

The new Traktor Kontrol S4 is set to revolutionise the way DJ's use Traktor, and again, change the face of digital DJ'ing.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

....Tom Staar mini mix....

As well as helping develop the mighty Moda club night during his time on earth, and the music of acts such as Jaymo & Andy George and Doorly, Tom has now begun sharing his own cosmic productions.

Tom Staar, the third member of Team Moda, is fast becoming one of the UK’s most gazed upon producers. Working behind the scenes, Tom honed his skills as a Studio Engineer, working with some of dance musics most prolific names over a number of years. Now, as the moons align, Tom is finally ready to defend our humble with an interstellar spectrum of sonic ammunition. dancefloors

With two EP’s on Moda Music and remixes for Fenech Soler, Human Life & We Have Band already under his utility-belt, his credentials have seen him take-off all over the world, playing everything from 500 capacity club nights to 20,000 capacity festivals!

Tom Staar & Friends is the next chapter – a collaborations EP with Style Of Eye, Tony Senghore & Herve. Word on the flight deck is that this is shaping up to be completely and utterly off the chart!

With Moda club-nights kicking off all over Europe, the Moda Music label going from strength-to-strength, and now Tom’s own productions heading into orbit- there’s never been a more exciting time to watch the stars.

Tom Staar mini mix. check it out

Saturday, 4 December 2010

..ones from the mash up....

Kissy Sell Out - Joana (figure remix)

enjoy. f1 & out

...special disco @45rpm....

Friday was the mash-up night and this is a little gem. Round 2. this second mix we have to offer is too long for the mixcloud crew, so we have just posted it as download. it's full of cracking tunes and some special one off mixes that will only be heard by those who download this 48min mash-up. bottles of bud and pringles is all we need to mash things up F1 style.

....the download has arrived....

we finally got round to getting the mix available for download. check it out

F1 got some mad skills -30mins hot mix- ****Download Click****

Friday, 3 December 2010

...F1 mixtape the winter warmer...

so it's been a while and that is due to nothing other than the new Traktor software and the X1 Kontrol. Handling this is like flying a plane with no licence. Anyway the mixtape that is worth waiting for here it is.

Thank you for listening and enjoy. more to cum....

Saturday, 27 November 2010

...Rafik on Traktor...

this is fresh

....F1 got an X1....

Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software is an industry standard for legions of digital DJs with laptop-based rigs. Unfortunately, as the company's software has grown increasingly sophisticated, the prospect of using your laptop's trackpad to control it becomes a bit ridiculous.

In an effort to make your laptop's trackpad obsolete, Native Instruments is launching a dedicated USB DJ controller named Traktor Kontrol X1. It hit shelves in February of 2010, the Kontrol X1 includes every knob, button, and slider a DJ could desire, and touts a retail price of £159.00.

A stripped-down version of Traktor DJ software (Traktor LE) comes included, and offers an upgrade path to the proper Traktor Duo and Traktor Pro versions. Also realize that there's no sound card built into the X1, so beginners may need to pick up something like the Audio 2 DJ to flesh out a proper four-channel DJ rig.

We have just purchased this little gem and at a first glance it has made everything more simple. all the knobs and buttons do what they say and this makes for more experimental mixing. Looping and effects are part of the mix now not just a mix and blend style. Check out the future blog post for our mix downloads using the X1 Kontrol.

F1 and out

Saturday, 13 November 2010

...its new and fully loaded....

.....Allen and Heath’s XONE DX.

A controller-mixer built to combine old school DJing with modern digital delivery, the XONE DX is a standalone unit for the supplied Serato Itch DJing software, as well as a conventional mixer. DJs can switch between Itch — which gives budding mixologists the ability to mix four virtual decks with effects from the DX — or mix via a standard DJ set up, comprising of up to four external sound sources. Phono and line inputs can be selected at a push of a button, allowing up to four variations of turntables or CD Decks to be connected to the XONE DX.

The DX is also a 20-channel USB soundcard, and can be configured using the multiple outputs to ensure that separate signals can be provided and controlled for the main club outputs, as well as for the monitoring in the DJ booth. There is also an Aux out for direct connection to a recording device, so that DJ sets can be recorded using Allen and Heath’s tried and tested sound circuitry, found deep inside the DX.

The XONE DX is also fully compatible with other DJ software brands like Native Instruments Traktor, so with all bases covered, everyone’s a winner.

F1 like this. Best get saving. £999.00 approx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You need to listen to this holmes...

...for those that know, i have a brother who is a bit of a turntablist at heart and he' but together an artistic blend for your ears which has made me smile.

All those years of banging on about drum n bass, breaks, and putting little stickers on scratch vinyl (apparently 'it helps') have come to fruition and a frickin' electro dj is born....

..isn't it great how our influences point to the same star?

Check out the mix below and let him know what you think bro.

He needs only 100 plays so that the judges can witness his genius.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Saturday, 30 October 2010

...The End, Thank you for being you....

End Of an Era: Panasonic Kills Off Technics Turntables

If you've ever been a DJ, known a DJ, or listened to a DJ, there's a good chance you're familiar with Technics. Panasonic'sanalog turntables are legend among scratchers and spinners. And now they're gone.

Panny made the announcement that they'd cease Technic sproduction because of "a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production." In a word: obsolescence.

3.5 million SL-1200 turntables sold since 1972. Countless audio mixers and stereo headphones that also bear the Technics name. But with sales of analog decks being just 5% of what they were 10 years ago, Panasonic's finally pulled the plug on a classic.

What made Technics so good? A reliable Direct Drive turning mechanism. A heavy, rock-solid 27 pound base. And three decades of tradition.

It's not that Technics are the only analog turntables in the world. It that they werethe analog turntables. And now, like any other technology that gets eclipsed, they're antiques, collectibles, curios for fanatics. Lets hope anyone who's got one keeps it well preserved.

F1 & Out


Saturday, 23 October 2010

slam dunkin'

follow the link below to download one of our precious F1 mixes. this time we have been using the traktor instinctively which shows in our lastest effort.

good fockin skills kid!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

...opened the tin to find these guys....

..GO GO BIZKITT are some funked up soul chaps with a finger on the g-spot of creamy house samples.
This track is called WOW and it is indeed wowtastic. check out the neat sample from a well known group with soul

Saturday, 16 October 2010

...just found this geezer, WTF... BL3ND

so this is DJ Bl3nd. a crazy kid who i can't stop watching. quality tunes and great mixing.

...these guys rock...

so its a saturday, xfactor has filled my head with death threats and the only way to keep me from jumping off a 5ft ladder is this site:

full of phattness and true pleasure

we even do requests...

after the last post i have been asked to post this tune...

...where did they come from.....

This is the radio edit of the new single from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Proper video coming soon! The full version will be released on the 8th November on the 'Household Goods' EP on the esteemed Greco-Roman label. Go

live stream from the round house in camden

this says it all, they have my vote for being the new shit in my box and the future of electro....must go see them

....the one we sneaked in....

click the link below to download the fresh mix of funky house. this is special, trust me

funky mix 2010

Friday, 15 October 2010

...the 3am mega mix... this is the first mix we have had on the TRAKTOR. it was a blast and many more to was a friday night and we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks as work and family shit had taken over. so the mix tapes we have uploaded are more of a get together than a mash up. it did however start at 9pm and end at 3am.

Monday, 4 October 2010

new Deadmau5 shizzle

So this geezer is storming the scene at the moment with his crazy hat with ears. everything he touches finds its way into someone's record bag. this is a cheeky first for F1 djs. brand spanking new track from the mouse..

dirty as you like.......

this gets played every set and always delivers
F1 x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


its been a while and we are getting even slacker as we take a break for a few weeks. this is just a little treat to juice you up while we are working on the traktor toy we have purchased...

Monday, 6 September 2010


i've been a little slack over the past couple of days, this new mix has been sat in my car and i just haven't had the time to post it, until now :)

like madonna says, get into the groove you son of a bitch!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Get Ya Shuffle On

Thanks to the Aston Shuffle for this little free gift. We like it so much we had to share it with you all. Enjoy.

Friday, 13 August 2010

....back to the old 800mk2's

lets all have lego hair party....
F1 boyz have another hot mix for ya, this time we went back to using the old cdj 800mk2, the mp3 player from American Audio has now gone under the bed.
check this out, hot and fresh just how we like it

Friday, 30 July 2010

... it's a smash!

the F1 has dropped a new hot mix for you treat your ears to. it's all juiced up with electro disco phatty goodness giving you 100% of your RDA

the nominees for this category are..

2 door cinema club - something good can work (the twelves remix)

ducksauce - barbra striesand (ziggy stardust remix)

ocelot - beating hearts (blende remix)

the usual suspects - feel the need (ridney remix)

costello - people bounce

armand van helden - when the lights go down (trophy twins remix)

yolanda - we no speak americano (nick thayer remix)

dj ben - met myself (wolfgang gartner remix)

performance - the unconsoled (tom staar remix)

dj ben - smile

florrie - call 911 (his majesty andre remix)

calvin harris - merry making (kissy sellout remix)

2 door cinema club - come back home (supabeatz remix)

cassius - 1999 (reset! remix)

pony pony run run - walking on a line (beataucue remix)

herve - blaze it (reset! remix)

estaw - break it down (herve remix)

butterflake - immature (calvertron remix)

beataucue - bus

lee mortimer - beatsoul nugget

q45 & amy b - naughty (kissy sellout remix)

sam sparro - 21st century life (the count & sinden remix)

voodoo chilli - get on down

slipmatt - breaking free
now all you need to do is rip it, burn it, load it, check it, love it!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Saturday, 10 July 2010

....battered mix, the we can't remember one, it was a friday evening about midnight. we just finished the mix posted previously and then it all went wrong...... this is the battered mix, we can't remember making it, i can't remember getting home so i hope you enjoy it.
free party is on>> 17th september
f1 and out

Saturday, 26 June 2010

long live house music

...we're on a right one tonight, it's been well over a week since the F1 had a mix and with so many belters around at the minute it would be rude not to mash one out! what says you trev?

.....well jon, aweek has passed and the downloads have been thick and fast, wearhouse music putting out some right stimkers at the mo. Lee Mortimer, well done son....

jon, nice little number black noise...minton rinton

yeh huge props to the black noise body poppers for that one, get in ez.

as i placed the bet on me playing more wearhouse music im dancing all the way to the bank. time to change it up

i still can't believe i'm shockin out to a kylie record - the locomotion!

60 mins gone and i see the F1 have slipped into something more comfortable!

kele - tenderoni (xxxchange remix)
the gossip - love long distance (fake blood mix)
lee mortimer & foamo - superman (reset! remix)
kith 'n' sink - baby girl (geoff mix)
nas - as we enter (foamo remix)
disco trash music - boom
lebatman - funkit
hunter vaughan - dribble drape
black noise - knock you out
lee mortimer vs m&s - bootsoul nugget
we have a band - divisive (tom staar remix)
kabz - run di riddim
costello - get crazy (black noise remix)
mimo - sing it
kylie - all the lovers (xxxchange remix)
la savy fav - the slip (kids at the bar rmx)
moulinex - lover in me
kele la roc - my love
stevie wonder - all i do (cleptomaniacs remix)
indo - r u sleeping (lee mortimers wearhouse re-rub)
sandy b - make the world go round (deep dish remix) of course!!!
and to finish..

ducksauce - aNYway



Saturday, 19 June 2010

Breakbot-I'm Yours (aeroplane mix)

this is a special moment for the F1 boyz. we have supported this tune for a while and this remix has blown us both away.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

M.U.S.T >>>

>>> the free party is over and a request to post older mixes has been noted. So this is classic F1 mixes>>>

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tom Staar ←♥♥♥♥♥

it's always nice to support a local geeza making his way through the void to become something quite revered and special.

Tom Staar whom we are adamant is the spawn of the purple BMW driving Ingo Staar (please make your own assumptions) is a respected producer and DJ in his own right.

His latest offering comes in the form of Two Tone Simms, see above, which, to me, is M.U.S.T party heaven.

I take it you've heard about M.U.S.T right? → → → MASHUP!!!

tom staar - console

fenech soler - lies (tom staar remix)

Sunday, 9 May 2010 your FACE!

our next amalgamation of solid gold burgers comes in the form of yet more bangers for you to endluge yourself in.

the F1 boys have another party mix session for you which comprises of sweat enducing numbers which you can't help but get down to.

our helpers this evening include the talents of an F1 favourite, Armand Van Helden with his quality remix of Uffie.

other sublime and cherished efforts from Monarchy who are blowing up at the moment, check out their myspace and not to mention our permanent guest, Louis La Roche.

aNYway, that's enough from us, download this mix, burn it, insert it, play it and you'll not regret it ♥


Thursday, 6 May 2010

>>>>best of the best, JACK BEATS MiNi MiX>>>

this just sums up how to put my fave tunes in one space with out boring you to death about why I love it.
Woods. this one is for you Jon from the Trevor massive F1 and out
feed ya plants let them grow into big things

whats in ya garden

kissy has done it again >>>> F1 love this banger

Saturday, 1 May 2010

what the uffie?

lifeskillz right here


the f1 boys have put together an absolute banger of a mix for you, the intro is loud, raw and perfect for peak time action.

this mix is packed full of freshness with a slice of funk and a side order of filth. we didn't keep a tracklist but we were twatted when we put it together.

i can tell you that you will find fresh tracks from the likes of GRUM who the f1 strongly believe in. other favourable artists on board include TREASURE FINGERS who have done a sweet remake of a Jocelyn Brown classic.

KISSY SELLOUT makes a long overdue appearance alone with an old favourite HERVE under the Voodoo Chilli guise.

finally, a special mention goes out to RESET! who are bangin' out some fresh italian cuisine, reminds me of stupid fresh in their prime

oh my fuckin gosh, trust me, this one's a STINKER!


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

i can't help it

we love these two. think of them as a symbol of the F1 - pure entertainment then, we have a fresh mix burger for you all with stacks of funk dribbling out the sides..

....all systems go, we are rocking 26mins into the mix and woods drops a little belta..


Friday, 26 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

MASH UP on tour

we have the long awaited free party for you, yes FREE**** we are putting this event on just coz we can, and coz we wanna party hard with all you guys.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


around the f$%king world baby....
well done chaps, this remix made me love tune again.


>>>this has to be the tune that made me sit up and listen to MJ Cole, since then i have admired everything the man has done.
We post a lot good tunes on our blog and this one is pure UK garage at its best. just enjoy

log on mate

♪♫ bouncy bouncy, shoes all in a line ♫♪

get on it

i can't wait to get hold of this!!!!!

giz a kiss

...out of all the kissy sellout remixes that are out there this one is the best... in my opinion.
check out his myspace and help yourselves
i loved it when he used to take the name from a film from the 90's and shove in the remix title...whatever happened to that?


...loving this at the minute so hit the link and see what you think (M)


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunday, 28 February 2010

soul glow!

now check this shit out trev, one of the hottest entree's to grace the 800's.... even the garage crew were blown away by this one.

all time classic!

i think you'll all agree that this tune is one of the all time greats...
it appeared on countless compilations incl. MOS sessions 5 (MAW) and Back to Basics - cut the crap.
an absolute anthem.
i've extracted the dub due to the fact that it's such a groove

back catologue

this will be the first of many back-cat mix postings.... it dates back to summer 2009 and there's a wicked remix of Frankmusic - confusion girl on here somewhere.

let us know what you think??


only on a friday←

we decided to get together on friday night and put a fresh mix together which turned out to be just 1 hr long....courtesy of our last CDR going into meltdown!

needless to say that what you're about to download is a wicked piece of work.....

we kick off with a fresh Dolby Anol piece which i'm loving atm, kinda meminds me of a recent sonny j remix. mix dives in and out of 70's disco samples and driving drums.

we'll be posting a few other mixes shortly and please feel free to leave your feedback and spread the love ♥♥♥

Friday, 19 February 2010

MASH-UP!!'s MODA tonight and we're not going :(

still...there's the mash-up to look forward to on may 7th only we need to give it a name. no doubt after a 6 pack of disco biscuits we'll think up hundreds of names!

until then, download our latest mix, it kicks off with a bit of CASSIAN and finishes with some CALVERTRON so it's one hell of a build up.