Saturday, 29 January 2011 up Trev !

..the weekend is upon us and we are off to good start

the week has taken its toll and we're ready to unwind

the warm up has begun

a couple of JD's boss and we're about ready to rumble..

mix 1 tracklisting...♥

1. punks jump up - blockhead (hey today! remix)

2. bioblitz - block party (just for fun rmx)

3. breakbot - baby i'm yours (black noise remix)

4. breaking news - las vegas (re-zone rmx)

5. mason - froghopper

6. c2001 - discopoppshit (dirtyloud rmx)

7. foamo - here comes

8. cyberpunkers - cabala

9. shake aletti - dancefloor (tom staar remix)



mix 2 tracklisting....

1. dem slackers - lets go (bart b more 'lesssgo rmx)

2. afrojack - replica

3. fast foot - twisted sister

4. tom staar - it excites me :)

5. florence & the machine - you got the love
( lee mortimer 2011 bootleg)

6. breakage - fighting fire (foamo remix)

7. gtronic - suckerpunch - (costello rmx)

8. go go bizkitt! - do that thing!

9. kato faet jon - turn the lights off (dave darell rmx)



mix 3 tracklisting @ f1 dj's are rocking

1. go go bizkitt! - touch that!

2. soul puncherz feat lauren rochelle - another day ( lucky date rmx)

3. spank rock - bump (switch rmx)

4. wolfgang gartner - space junk

5. grum - heartbeat

6. swiss chriss - nose goes feat G eazy

7. michael jackson - don't stop 'til ya get enough (gigamesh rmx)

8.wolfgang gartner - represent the bronx (demo)

9.afro medusa - pasilda (haji and emanuael rmx)

10. gary caos - jack hits the road



mix 4 tracklisting f1 on a mission for greatness

1. breakbot - i'm yours (aeroplne rmx)

2. ce ce peniston - crazy love (kenlou 12")

3. quincy jones - stomp

4. crz feat. iyo - bring the funk :)

5. chromeo - hot mess (duck sauce rmx)

6.skirlllex feat sirah - weekends

7. daft punk - technologic (go go bizkitt! remix)



mix 5 tracklisting!!!!!

1. rampage - loving you i seasy

2. florrie - call 911 (his majesty andre remix)

3. south central - demons (reset! rmx)

4. tomcraft & tim healey feat sirreal - live it love it
(kidda rmx)

5. somore - what you want (ramsey & fen remix)!!!

6. kid creme - everybodys flying

7. hard fi - hard to beat (axwell remix)

8. azari & ill - reckless with your love (dj sneak rmx)

9. quintino - you know what (alvaro remix)

10. dirty funker - jump 2 it

11. senor stereo - unintentional (craze's quiet storm rmx)

13. detboi & foamo - girls dem go

14. reset! - sabrage

15. freeform 5 - no more conversations (mylo remix)



Tuesday, 25 January 2011


...and here is your present                    

haircut will like this for 2 reasons ♥        

herr styler = set to destroy 2011          

its my birthday

so its my birthday today and as i have some free time on my hands i have the 'raided and POW!!!' part 2 for ya ears. these are from Mr Woods collection of bangers.

Thanks to everyone who made it to BANG'D UP on friday. what a party, so off the scale it was not even showing on the Richter machine in Africa. the floor was bouncing and windows rattling......ask those who were there, i still couldn't hear anything on Sunday lunchtime. massive shout out to the Bang'd up crew, Dan, Jim, Ben and anyone involved.


F1 & out

Saturday, 22 January 2011 got the love...

Lee Mortimer is one of the guys that keeps the electro house scene pumping and with some of his free instalments to the music world, we thank you millions Lee.  Check out the videos on you tube that Lee post's, these are bootlegs of phat tunes and with the aim of so many plays he will post it for free download, which is what we all like.  These two are just crazy little gems...

Florence + The Machine - You Got The Love (Lee Mortimer 2011 Bootleg)

Lee Mortimer vs M&S - Bootsoul Nugget (Lee Mortimer 2010 Bootleg)

F1 & out

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

..raided and POW...

raided and POW will be our new little feature on the blog.  this will include some classic tunes and some proper stompers from the F1 collection.  the collection started when we moved from plastic to mp3 and the fun started.  cdj's were the weapon of choice, and the sky was the limit with hot tunes all over  the blog world.  plastic has died off but still got the 1210's mind, never gonna let them go, TRAKTOR has seen to that.

...raided and POW... is as it say's.  the F1 collection has been raided and POW!!!! tunes that rock our world.

here we go:

enjoy  F1 & out

Sunday, 16 January 2011

...bangerz from bangerz...

If you don't know already we support the blog 'Bangerz Only'.  These guys are so on the front line of electro house/dance music it hurts my ear drums every time they post new tunes.  Dj Coma recently showed his skillz mixing all the best bangers from last year.  This mix is off the hook.  We posted it a few weeks must check it out.

So to keep things fresh this year we are posting a few more tunes and we go





Wednesday, 12 January 2011

...the mixes for a ipod...

we have finally got round to getting the mixes on to the ipod and as always we share with you guys. these are the mixes from last friday 070111.

come and see us at Bang'd up on the 21st Jan.  we are on first 10pm.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

....070111 friday sessions....

these are the friday sessions and it was heavy on the Jack and Coke.

...the downloads from...

these are the mixes from last week that are now ready to download, so stick them on ya pod and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
Just to keep you up to date with F1 news: we are playing at BAND'G UP @ REHAB on 21st January, it will a banging night with some of best Electro and Drum &Bass Dj's this side of the shire.

  Mix 1
Mix  2
Mix 4

F1 and out

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

....part 4...

....this is the last part of our first mix of 2011.  thanks for taking the time to listen and we will post them for download very soon....
f1 and out  x

....part 3...

...this is part 3 of the mix tape, we break it up for a much needed top of JD and coke and so it fits on this mixcloud shizzle...

Monday, 3 January 2011

...part 2.... 2 from the 4 part mix.....

....the new 2011 sessions....

part 1

...Happy New year...

Happy New Year to all our followers and may you spread the word that we are backing some really cool folk this year. One of these cool Katz is the site Bangerz Only. These guys have been posting some of the best electro house tunes that are floating around the blog world to date. Most of the posts find it into our mix tapes at some point and when we heard that Dj Coma, one of the Bangerz Crew, has put together a mix tape, we needed to hear this and my ears had an orgasm, so put down ya cuppa tea and stick the headphones in the socket and turn up the bass, this mix sums up all the great tunes from last year and some fresh new Bangerz to come.

>>>DJ COMA Bangerz Only Session No1.>>>

So a little bit about this Dj Coma guy..........
..........There’s no denying it, DJ Coma is on the rise. As one of the most versatile DJ’s in the game, Coma is filling dance floors all over the Northwest. From mind blowing Electro House to bangin’ old school hip-hop sets, DJ Coma seamlessly transitions between genre’s, ensuring no party goer heads home disappointed. Coma has developed a cult following in Missoula where he is THE go to DJ to book, holding multiple residencies in the college town. He has also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in electro and hip-hop, including: Baby Bash, N2Deep, Chino XL, Cool Nutz, DJ Chill, Channel Surfer, DJ Hyperfunk, DJ Cameo and Electro super-group Phantom Power just to name a few. Gaining the respect of other DJ’s over the years, Coma has expanded out of Missoula and has added headlining gigs at Seattle dance clubs Trinity and Heaven to his already impressive resumé.

..........F1 love this shit, the guy has got the skillz and the music is full on fresh. Follow him and show ya love for this cool Kat.