Sunday, 22 March 2009

sunshine and happiness.....

.....the sun has made this weekend a special one. Thanks to man of weather, cheers bro, i managed to get all the outside jobs sorted and a round of that hitting a white ball on clean cut grass, then sinking it into a round hole.

The F1 boys are hosting a club night at the local discotech. Last friday of every month is ours for the next 6months ....... come and join the fun......

F1 Boy's doin it sweet

Monday, 16 March 2009


it's that time again, yet another post for you all to jack ya body, wind ya body to.......DISCO Jim joined me in the kitchen this week.............the photo above is of the Garage Disco........where dreams come true............
Woods>> is now 30yrs wiser and for this reason he couldn't join us, and due to the fact that he got mashed up the night before.........
This Sunday session is a fresh mix of electro bangers and thanks to Jim the freshness is so ripe it's sweeeet dude..........


Monday, 9 March 2009

......sunday mash up, F1 STYLE....

.....after ordering meal B from the local take a way, i knew this Sunday was a special one. To start with no cooking the usual roast and no washing up.....fooooking magic.

Woods>> is just back from the big smoke and a picture of Buckingham Palace confirms that the family saw red men in fuzzy hats. Good skills. I on the other hand just floated around all weekend with not much to do. Spinned some of dem choons with Bengo on saturday at pete's 30th but...... The highlight has to be the Bengo story............MODA friday eve, too many zambooooka's and a massive bouncer had to grab him from climbing on stage to join Calvin Harris in a dance off......Bengo 10:1 favorite..................Bengo you rock.....enjoy this one, it's fresh and dirty.......f1 & out

DL>F1 MaShUp

Sunday, 1 March 2009

...well it's that time of the week again...

.....due to a weekend in Kensington we missed a post and are ready to make up for it. This Sunday Bengo (from the garage crew) is joining us for a total mash up of fidget, tech and electronic beats. As a special plus to tonights proceedings we have a 12yr bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey and its flowing so smooth, like the rivers in flood season....

1: Kennet l Tomas & Sean Micheals - Funktion Won (maxie Devine RMX)
2: Daze of Thunder - Ghost Hunter
3: Twilo People - With Or Without You (Tim weeks rmx)
4: Felguk - Guess What
5: Andre Crom - Jazz Thang - (Riva Starr rmx)
6: Stupid Bastard - Hype up
7: Cienk&Kez - This Is Our House
8: Igor S - Keep It Goin - Feat Lady Brian
9: Dave Lee - Latronica (Dave Spoon Remix)
10: Glamrock Bros... - Ma Baker
11: Consistent - Midday Blend - ( Oliver Remix)
12: Young Punx - Juice & Gin (Riva Starr Remix)
13: Black Finger - UMF (heavyfeet Rmx)
14: Marc De Pulse - PS You Rock ( Spektre Remix)
15: Xpress 2 - London Xpress (Idiotproof Remix)
16: N.A.S.A - Whatyadoin
17: Heinrichs&Hirtenfellner - Tromp it

DL>> Sunday Sessions