Sunday, 27 February 2011

...heavy disco

This mix is one that we made a while ago (early December). The reason for posting it is the CDR failed us on Friday. Technology just does this every now and then so as true pro's we have a back up.
Sit back and enjoy...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

raided and POW

We are back in action after some much needed time off. Some real special tunes are ready for you in the raided and POW. Thanks to all the hits on Dj Jonny G's mix. Good times. More to come. So pin ya ears back and get ready for some fresh tuneage as we dig up the new hot plays in the box...

new F1 mixes next out

Thursday, 17 February 2011

..Guest Mix #1

As we are growing through the blog world we felt the need to show off some fresh talent. This guy we have known for a while and he is no stranger to the F1 sound. The support Jon has given us over the years grants him the first Guest Mix slot on our blog. Jon plays the local circuit and has a great ear for new sound. Moving through the vinyl era, cdj and now mp3, Jon has hooked up the TRAKTOR and is ready to ride. This mix is full of great tunes and classic club bangerz.

Thanks dude....F1 and out

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

...Dj EQ

this guy is right up our street and worth a look in.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

...dave spoon...

this is the first instalment of Dave Spoon's podcast and we love it in the F1 camp. check it out:

>>>Tracklist >>> Tony Senghore ‘Burnin’ > BeatueCue ‘Disque Oh!’ (Don Rimini mix) > A1 Bassline ‘Stabs' > ’Strip Steve ‘The Beast’ > Sleazy McQueen ‘Naked’ (KiNK mix) > - Chat with Spooncam’s Healey & Drive Hero Kev - Roel Salemink & Audiowomb ‘What The Funk’ (Peter Horrevorts mix) > Worthy ‘Work It Work’ (Tom Budden mix) > Paul Strive ‘This Tape’ > Mark Mendes & Alex Kenji ‘BOM’ > Massimo Massive ‘Hands Up' > Oui’wack ‘Jungle Wars’ > Dave Spoon & TV Rock ‘FIVEg’ (Steve Angello edit) > Ahmet Sendil ‘Ring Cadet’ (George F & Tekkman mix) > Peter Horrevorts ‘Bloody Hands’ > Erol Alkan & Boys Noize ‘Death Suite’ (Erol Alkan edit)

f1 & out

..but it's soooo pretty!

another friday night and all was calm in the house of F1, the we had an idea to create more splendid short mixes for ya ears and this is the friday sessions F1 style....F1 and out (elk and woods) ♥♥

the f1 boiz are at it again, bring you the funk from another dimension..          

..another dimension                                    

..another dimension                                      


argh forget it!                                              

mix number 1 ←♥♥♥♥♥                       

1. herr styler - snow in paris                                              
2. soundpusher - rush                
3. fenech-soler - demons (yuksek remix)         
4. dada life - white noise / red meat (bassjackers remix)       
5. the phantom's revenge - mr. farenheit          
6. andrea musullo feat lizzy - satisfy       
7. swivel hips - we can't hide                               
8. wolfgang gartner - space junk                  
9. wolfgang gartner - latin fever          
10. motorcycle - and the rush comes (dj kue remix)         

♥♥♥♥♥→DOWNLOAD HERE←♥♥♥♥♥

mix number 2 ←♥♥♥♥♥                    

1. auto kratz - skin machine (latourette rmx)                         
2. shena - electrosexual (aston shuffle remix)                 
3. cassius - 99 (reset rmx)                                                       
4. the ghost frequency - nightmare (speaker junk's unleash the beast remix)  
5. neelix - disco decay (felguk remix)             
6. dj EQ - ufo
7. andys iLL - nightmare (andy iLL's cut throat mix) hell yer baby
8. beataucue - cha cha cha
9. the squatters - fluffer no organ
10. trick or treat vs disco of doom - fairweather friend (kissy klub version)  
11. m,i.a - paper planes (lucky date rmx)
12. the count of monte cristal - bounce that ass

♥♥♥♥♥→DOWNLOAD HERE←♥♥♥♥♥

mix 3 the classics and more

1. silver columns - brow beaten (moon light matters Remix)
2. gogo bizkett - get up and gogo
3. gary chaos - jack hits the road
4. alan braxe and fred falke - intro
5. louis la roche - missing you
6. shazam - pool party
7. czr - bringing the funk
8. hardsoul - back together (seaumus haji rmx)
9. dirty funker - jump to it
10. dj falcon - untitled ( hijack mix)
11. chromeo - hot mess (duck sauce mix)
12. shit disco - 72 virgins (bloody beatroots mix)


mix 4 harder faster stronger (slim fast mix)

1. nu yorican soul - runaway (mouse T mix)
2. c2001 - discopopshit (dirtyloud rmx)
3. steed lord - its what you do to me  
4. florence and the machine - you got the love ( lee mortimer booty)
5. hot pink delorean - i surrender
6. soul punchers - another day (lucky date mix)
7. the phantoms revenge - for those who come in late
8. NWA feat. figure - fuck da police
9. rage against the machine - killing in the name of ( mr oizo mix)

♥♥♥♥♥→DOWNLOAD HERE←♥♥♥♥♥

just enough to keep the vibes alive

Thursday, 3 February 2011

...squatters and all that...

so these guys got picked up by Kissy Sellout from that radio 1 thing the kissy klub.  they did a mix for him and this is it.
it is one of the mixes of last year (beating the F1 shizzz) and these guys have massive things comming their way. support and respect the squatters

....oh Freddie....

This is a tune...easy

we have a little taste of the video for Fedde Le Grand & Patrick La Funk’s new track “Autosave” available on Flamingo Recordings Feb. 14th. not long hey and we can't wait. It gives an insite into the world of producing and the car scene is a classic, tunes always get tested in the car.....the magic ideas happen on the way home or to the studio, maybe off to the shop to get some much needed munchies.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

...the original, as opposed to the copy

..disco has returned in it's new form and no-one is happier than the F1 ♥

i personally grew up on this shizz so it pleases me to see others show a tasteful manner.

you've only got to look at current remixers like :~~~~~~~

go go bizkitt!                                           

dj eq                                           


the phantom's revenge                                           

louis la roche                                        

its fair to say that i fucking love this shit

Go Go Bizkitt! - Reach Up! (DJ EQ Glasgow Kiss Remix) EXTRACT / SDR-004 by DJ EQ

DJ EQ - MotoBoogie! (Sneak Preview) by DJ EQ