Sunday, 28 February 2010

soul glow!

now check this shit out trev, one of the hottest entree's to grace the 800's.... even the garage crew were blown away by this one.

all time classic!

i think you'll all agree that this tune is one of the all time greats...
it appeared on countless compilations incl. MOS sessions 5 (MAW) and Back to Basics - cut the crap.
an absolute anthem.
i've extracted the dub due to the fact that it's such a groove

back catologue

this will be the first of many back-cat mix postings.... it dates back to summer 2009 and there's a wicked remix of Frankmusic - confusion girl on here somewhere.

let us know what you think??


only on a friday←

we decided to get together on friday night and put a fresh mix together which turned out to be just 1 hr long....courtesy of our last CDR going into meltdown!

needless to say that what you're about to download is a wicked piece of work.....

we kick off with a fresh Dolby Anol piece which i'm loving atm, kinda meminds me of a recent sonny j remix. mix dives in and out of 70's disco samples and driving drums.

we'll be posting a few other mixes shortly and please feel free to leave your feedback and spread the love ♥♥♥

Friday, 19 February 2010

MASH-UP!!'s MODA tonight and we're not going :(

still...there's the mash-up to look forward to on may 7th only we need to give it a name. no doubt after a 6 pack of disco biscuits we'll think up hundreds of names!

until then, download our latest mix, it kicks off with a bit of CASSIAN and finishes with some CALVERTRON so it's one hell of a build up.