Tuesday, 31 January 2012


As normal we love to share and this lot got top marks in the F1 camp.....enjoy

Saturday, 28 January 2012

....banger - The F1 Weekly Podcast

So this is it.  The Friday Mash up.

1. 420 ceis - can you feel it               
2. gigamesh - when your dancing (cassian remix)                     
3. aiden the funky chilli - walk away                                 
4. todd terje - inspector norse            
5. 2 elements, double project - fee feelings (funk mix)                                    
6. broke one - go go go (russ chimes remix)                                
7. alen sfornzina - UR funk (mayot)            
8. umek - sunday at El Row                                        
9. anthony atcherley - everything's ok (trev)      
10. childish gambino - heartbeat (oliver remix)                       
11. yves murasca - happy (loui & scibi remix)                                               
12. the rapture - sail away (aeroplane remix)
13. artful and ridney - could just be the bassline               
14.  gogo bizkitt! - Swatch it!                             
15. ron caroll - bump to this (muzzaik remix)
16. knightlife - serves you right                                        
17. marco & gig - alone                                 
18. lifelike - motion                    
19. jam funk - chicago boogie                    
20. oliver - walk with me                                   
21. random soul - i got what you want (yogi & husky's bounce)                                     
22. popular computer - lointain (carlos pizzetti remix)
23. dj plinio - west kensington                  
24. go go bizkitt! - chuck norris      
25. Javi Del Valle, Pedro Silva - funky peanuts
26. i:cube - disco cubism (daft punk remix)             
27. round table knights - calypso                                    
28. shake aletti - dancefloor (tom staar remix)
29. ? - rise (vladi solera)            
30. beataucue - kiho                     
31. eric decks - running 2012                
32. just kiddin' - last chance saloon


Friday, 27 January 2012

...Weekly Podcast

This time around i have 2 podcasts to share as F1 djs are having a mashup tonight so be prepared for some sick tunes in a mega mix thats on its way.....enjoy the music

Thursday, 26 January 2012

...Inbox and special Mix

As normal we like to share what we get sent through so this is another pick of the best from the in box.

This is a mix that by-passed the inbox. I had a tweet from this guy @LucaLento pointing me to his soundcloud page and i found this great podcast that i had to post...... follow him and show some love. cheers

D&SCO from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.


Monday, 23 January 2012

...2012 A big Year

CNTRL:R from Livid Instruments from Livid Instruments on Vimeo.
CNTRL:R was designed over a one and a half year period with electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin and the artists on m_nus records. The controller is designed to provide a high quality controller sized small enough to fit into a backpack, but large enough for extensive hands-on control. The instrument has all of the essential controls for music creation and can be adapted to many different software and styles. The “sequencer” section of the controller can be set to create sequences and grooves, or control cue points and triggers. The central 4x4 keypad can launch clips, play drums, and control functions. The fader and knobs are ideal for channel strip controls, device control, EQ, and effects. The CNTRL:R is totally programmable and adaptable to any software that supports MIDI.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


For those that don't know this guy has been at the front line of UK house music for a long time.  The likes of Craig David would not be driving fast red cars if Artful (Mark) said no to producing some of the most influential music ever to grace a dance floor.

Mark Hill, the original Artful Dodger, creator of Rewind, Movin' Too Fast, Woman Trouble, Think About Me, Please Don't Turn Me On! etc and Writer and Producer of Craig David's "Born To Do It"  has been away for a while.... but now he's back and his music is fresher than ever.  Ridney shares a radio show with Mark 103.9 Voice FM, its a must listen....Listen NOW!!!
These are a few examples of what's been stored in the Artful closet.  This man has skills times millions.  A super hero you may think the way he puts music together.  Follow him on twitter: @thisisartful http://twitter.com/ThisIsArtful

Planes, Trains and Migraines v2 by _Artful_ Artful V Terri Walker on Annie Mac (radio rip) by _Artful_ Artful V Terri Walker & Donaeo - He Loves Me by _Artful_ ARTFUL mix for the "Jaguar Skills and his amazing friends: radio show by _Artful_ 'Could Just Be The Bassline' Artful & Ridney Classic Club Mix by _Artful_

This is a very special mix made by Artful.  Please click here to play and download.......


...Raided and POW!!!

This selection is from my favorite BLOG.  Please enjoy all the tunes and follow the blog too....www.cahulhousemafia.net

Taurus & Vaggeli - Motorpunk (Original Mix)

...The Future Is History

The progressive magician is back. Mark Dodd or Markanikz.......one of the new members of TurboFM. 
As we have been off line for a while the mixes have been building up and these are very special.  Mark has just sealed a massive night at the Emporium

HIGGS BOSTON BY MARK DODD****Click for Download
Spacelord Vaishiyas
Tribal Nature (Original Mix) Tegma
Beyond The Horizon Plasma Corp
Digital Structures Terahert
Alice Dream (Haldolium remix) Invisible Reality
Instant Summer - Original Mix Klopfgeister
Speed Of Light (Original Mix) Subtara
The Pressure (Original Mix) Cosmithex
Sulfur (Heavy Mix) Nicholas Bennison
Love Is The Key OVNIMOON
An Expression LIQUID SPACE
End Game - Original Mix Inner State


Yaban - Original Mix Sun Control Species
The Chemist (Sasha Carassi Remix) Spektre, Matt Cooper
Sticky Keys (Original Mix) 21street
Short Life Again FREQ
Plaza (Random Walkers remix) Paul Infrasonic
Cube (Original Mix) Cosmithex
The Secret (Original Mix) Shylock (The Netherlands)
Music Talks (Ben Coda remix) PARSONS, Hayley
Water Sensation (Krama remix) KRAMA
Night & Day - Original Mix Nitrodrop, Timeless
Spiritually Corrected Allaby
ON DA WAY Synesthetic
Cries & Whispers - Original Mix Inner State
Life Is Enough - Original Mix E-Clip
White Tunnel (Original Mix) Ace Ventura, Egorythmia
Good Old Days (feat Techtonic) X-Noize

Please keep ya eyes out open for this guy, big things will happen this year.......

...Bankse Disco Dub

You may remember this name from last year. Well the guy done good and this new mix is one for ya ipod on cold dog walking morning. Please show the man some love and follow him on his soundcloud page.
Well done Bankse....

Dubby Disco! by bankse

Friday, 20 January 2012

...Anthony Atcherley - Everything's OK

This just popped into my inbox and its a must share....
Anthony Atcherley - Everything's OK by Anthony Atcherley

...James Talk

One of the unsung heroes of the UK house music scene, James Talk has
gone from a fledgling producer and DJ championed by Pete Tong to a
global star, gracing the world's most respected labels and clubs on a
regular basis.
The 27-year-old Southampton talent has been DJing half his life, and
over the last 7 years has carved a name for himself in the production
world as one the most talented groove-makers around. Whether it's the
straight-up, chunky acid and tech house sound that he's best known for,
or the flashes of anthemic genius in his tracks with Ridney (Sunshyne
and their Pet Shop Boys-approved rework of West End Girls both chosen as
Tong's Essential New Tunes), his productions are always filled with
colour, character, and funk.
Having graced world-leading labels like Get Physical, CR2, Bedrock,
Noir, Saved and fabric in recent years, he's kicked off the new decade
in sterling form with his stomping, peak-time remix of M.A.N.D.Y. vs
Booka Shade's Donut - with the latter loving his version so much that
they've asked him to remix their stone-cold classic Manderine Girl.
James Talk had an impressive 2010. Releasing solo records on Defected,
Global Underground, Great Stuff, Blu-Fin and Suara. "Forever" was one of
the most talked about records of WMC and Ibiza, it also earning James
another Essential New Tune, and hit Beatport Top 10 in its debut week.
2011 is going to be even bigger though. The new James Talk & Ridney
single promises to be even more successful than the last. James and
Ridney are also working on EP's for Size and Ministry Of Sound.
After playing many of the world's most revered clubs over the last two
years - including Tokyo's Womb, Chicago's Spy Bar, London's Ministry Of
Sound, Manchester's Sankeys and Toronto's Footwork - he'll be continuing
to tour the globe extensively throughout 2010, with many more exciting
plans afoot for the year. His successful Radio 1 Essential Mix from
September 2009 will be followed on by a third guest mix for John
Digweed's Transitions show.
In an age when the continental European sound dominates the house and
techno scene, James Talk remains one of the UK's brightest talents,
reminding the world where tech house came from in the first place. A
breath of fresh air from the droves of posturing scenesters and minimal
chinstrokers, his is a sound which goes back to the visceral essentials.

James Talk - January 2012 DJ Mix - Tracklisting in Descprition by James Talk

Enjoy this mixtape and spread the word.....James Talk ain't stopping for no-one!!!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

...been a long time

We are deeply sorry that it has taken this long for a new post. The lack of internet has made us realise that the power of the web is far larger than you care to imagine. Anyway enough bullshit lets get down to it.........

House Masters Murk by Defected Records

autoKratz & Lee Mortimer - Faith by Lee Mortimer

In Your Mouth Mash-Up by OBCES

The Disko Starz Presents - Ice Cream (Manuel Fleischberger) by The Disko Starz

Malkin Fritz-The Stolen One by Malkin Fritz


Riktam & Bansi - Copying You


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Just another epic mix from our new boy....

Yule Vibration II by Twyloii

Enjoy the sounds of deep house from the master that be Twyloii

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

...5555 Interstella

This is what happens when you take one massive idea and some great music

All of Daft Punks video's off of their album Discovery...which when combined makes a mini anime movie entitled Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem