Wednesday, 8 July 2009

back once again

well its been a while since we last posted any shizzle from the kitchen mixer. the truth is we have to move soon and finding a suitable spot for the F1 studios is proving very hard. wanker bankers have stopped the move to the mansion so the pool party is off for now, the padling pool party is still on so no armbands needed (Craggy), Disco Jim has gone to the disco clouds and the last we heard from the garage crew was before the DOME, thats one massive come down chaps......hope to see you all soon for a mash up in the garage, Rusko stylie.
......we still have some fresh mixes for ya and hot new tunes....
....yes it's been warm and holiday we have had, so all tanned up and ready for some shitty rain we are.

.....shout out to Bengo with the news.......well done son....

two hot mixes for ya, both with the smell of cut grass and the sound of bee's in the ruddy flower beds...buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
F1 & out
>DL....Friday Sunshine
>DL.......Sunday Sunshine