Thursday, 31 March 2011

...Happy old skool

We had this invite to a crazy party and as a special gift we played some tunes and had a right good old dance. Stevie we hope you enjoy the 30min mixes we recorded for you. We did record more but the mixer had some mad crackling noise and no left channel so they sound really poor. Shame really as the tunes are mentally good.
So as a special treat to all the party people and to our followers we have some classic mixes for you from back in 2005. Yes old skool F1.
Woods, do you remember the days, these mixes bring it all back. A fact for you; F1 got the name through loving the funk and Funk no.1 was the idea shortened to F1. The secret it out.......

Shouts for this post are always the boyz @bangerzonly, DJ Oz for the funky love, The -3 degree Marquee crew and birthday bird Stevie x

F1 and out.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Here's a crazy bootleg remix by Cold Blank guaranteed to kill it at the clubs... Providing a slammin' electro house boost to the crowd-pleasing cuts "Yeah 3x" by Chris Brown (remixed w/ Alex Dreamz)  Grab it below... ENJOY!!!!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

...Louis La Roche

Louis La Roche (aka Brett Ewels) is a DJ, remixer and producer from London, UK.
He released his third EP 'Super Soaker' in January 2010 on Ever After Records. This followed his debut "The Peach EP" and then his second EP ‘Me & Her’, which gained airplay from Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Kissy Sell Out and Jaymo & Andy George on Radio1, and led to remix work for artists including Boy Crisis, Grum, Del Marquis, Don Diablo, VV Brown and Team Waterpolo.
His tracks have appeared on compilations from Ministry Of Sound, Modular, Neon and Annie Mac Presents, and on Channel 4’s Skins. He regularly DJs across Europe and America. He was featured as Guardian Music's first 'New Band of The Day' for 2010.
What ever this guy touches it turns to pure musical gold.  With the samples from some of the greatest tunes ever made to some tunes that you wouldn't even think would have a worthy loop or element worth sampling.  Louis La Roche has taken the world of house music and turned it upside down, shaken it a bit and then tried to smoke it in a rizzla.  A taste of his work is in this minimix..... 

 f1 and out 

...rec (on) Chinny

so we are home at F1 towers for a new mix.  after a fresh break and recording system bailing out on us we have some new shizzle to jam out for you. welcome back to the sounds of F1 djs


Satisfy - Andrea Masullo Ft Liza
Alright - Jamiroquai - go go bizkitt!
in my eyes - burns - his majesty andre
starscrape - DJ EQ
charlie sheen - ducksauce
killer - raziek & cerebral volt - his majesty andre
let's go - dem slackers
what you see - turntable mafia


Drug Abuse - beta Traxx (digital rmx)
your love - the aston shuffle
Hello - Martin Solveig (nzmusic 101)
nightriders - hey! (nom de strip)
cassius - i love you so - (jfk rmx)

F1 crew - Rhiannon Davis, Kev Skeith, Gem Toussaint, Be Cragg & N J Waller. Thank you guys

Sunday, 13 March 2011

...7 gram rocks

Duck Sauce Charlie Sheen Spinstyles Bi Winning Edit [FRESH] Duck Sauce   Charlie Sheen (Spinstyles Bi Winning Edit)(Barbra Streisand)
Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” got a ‘winning’ makeover! As if you needed another reason to love the infectious beat of this song, the “Charlie Sheen (Spinstyle’s Bi-Winning Edit)” pumps this track full of so much 'tiger blood'. If all else fails get on it with Mr Sheen and waste a few days banging the the 7gram rocks, enjoying the company of many ladies, possibly high as kites, listening to his epic one liners and shocking out to this crazy edit which makes me smile so much it hurts.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


this is a great remix from nzmusic101 on Martin Soveig 'HELLO'. show some love for this guy who was suggested to me by @bangerzonly. Thanks Gem

this is a bit about this guy:
Ryan Woollerton is @nzmusic101 Auckland, New Zealand
Im quite good on a synthesizer and I do music tutorials on youtube, so please feel free to ask me anything. Im also a Golf Professional.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

...raided & POW !!!

This time around on raided & POW !!! we have some real classic funky business for ya. these are simply a handful of the tunes we have been playing for years. old skool F1 style. get on it and spread the funky love.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

..sweet as!

the F1 had a bit of a scare nott long ago..........the cd recorder broke down :(

and before you ask, YES, we're still using one of those!

however, after a bit of spit n shine it works again and i was able to share this

little test mix with you all :)

enjoy ♥

1. lightyear - the pop shot
2. le principle - you can't fake it
3. turntable mafia - possibilities (dj eq remake)
4. voodoo chilli - get down
5. mario ochoa - el sol
6. attack yourself - long time no see (botnek remix)
7. blatta & inesha - blow up (hijack remix)
8. pony pony run run - hey you! (go go bizkitt! remix)
9. go go bizkitt! - reach (dj eq remix)
10. breakage - fighting fire (foamo remix)
11. adulture & ghosts of venice - bromance
12. polymath - fever flava!
13. tom staar - it excites me
14. shake aletti - dancefloor (tom staar remix)
15. performance - the unconsoled (tom staar remix)
16. dj eq - starscape
17. dynasty - i don't wanna be a freak (go go bizkitt! remix)
18. joey chicago - in the dark (dj eq remix)
19. michael jackson - don't stop 'til you get enough (gigamesh remix)


Saturday, 5 March 2011

...SwitchBladeDisco & flexout

As we are moving faster to the summer, it is onlty right that we promote some hot nights that are going down in our area.

These guys are a fresh sound for the D&B scene in the City of Lincoln. They have some great Dj's on their books and wild MC's too. They pride themselves on showcasing the fresh up and coming DJ's and producers, as well as resident DJ's Retraflex they also work with the next big artists on the scene. Just some of the talent they have to offer:


Retraflex AKA Tom Bassi & Stephen Dampier formed in early 2010 and are co-owners of Flexout Audio. With a combined 15 years of experience, their DJ sets showcase a full spectrum of drum and bass music. The duo have now hit the studio and are focusing on making drum and bass that represents their label & sound.

Ben Fawce

Ben Fawce has spun for many promoters (regularly @ Detonate) & his tracks have been played by top DJs such as Pendulum, Bassline Smith and Laurent Garnier. As one of the heads of the label Urban Sickness Audio, Ben is also a producer/drummer for the live act Predator Prey which has been receiving some high end acclaim as of late. He is also working with THePETEBOX and the legendary MC P-Fine, with tracks due out later this year.

Blu Bomma

Something that many people aren't aware of, is that Blu Bomma co-wrote the Pendulum hit "Tarantula", working in the studio with Fresh, Pendulum and MC Spyda. He is not an MC for one style of music, MCing on different styles/genres, inc. Bashment/Dancehall, Grime, Hip Hop Dubstep and Garage - adjusting his flow to suit. He produced a lot of lyrics listening to Oasis albums and has performed on Dubstep sets with artists such as Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs. Dubstep is a scene that Blu Bomma is looking forward to becoming more involved in, following positive feedback from artists and ravers alike.


This friday Flexout host another banging D&B night with one of F1's homies SwitchBladeDisco. Check out his tunes below and a future post on this D&B sensation that is sure to blow up all over ya face will follow later on this year.

SwitchBladeDisco - Dub Plates Revenge - dla black (out now) by switchbladedisco

Lego love by switchbladedisco

Bin huggers by switchbladedisco

Thursday, 3 March 2011

...Hot Pink Delorean

Hot Pink Delorean are Chris Barlow, Jon Spero and Matt Simmers from Boston USA. They make everything from dubstep to electro via tech, prog and house. The trio have also remixed artists like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Q-tip, Pixie Lott and Just Jack; tour all over the planet and count the likes of Carl Cox and Benny Benassi as fans. They recently toured with Kissy Sell Out around the UK and have just remixed DJ Fresh and Sigma ‘Lassitude’ for one of the biggest drum & bass labels in the business, Breakbeat Kaos. It’s a tension filled cut which builds for a couple of minutes before major chord stabs slice into the mix and an amped-up, shiny edged electro house beat hangs in the background. Another upcoming release includes Club Crashers EP on Overthrow Music Authority, and it’s just as likely to destroy dance floors as is ‘Lassitude.’ Their own new label, Hot Pink Delorean Music Company also has a strong release schedule in 2011 with the tunes ‘Excite Music’, ‘Watch the Sunrise’, ‘My Favourite’ and ‘Muppet Bar Fight’ all due to drop in the early part of the year.

This mix is the Burn Paris Burn mixtape. Mind blowing is an understatment. These guys are hot business and not to mess to with.