Thursday, 12 December 2013

James D'Ley - Shindig mixtape

Those that follow the blog know that we raved about this guy when we met him at the BPM earlier this year.  This is his latest mixtape and its a cracker. With over 3500 plays already this is not to be missed.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

The House Collective

After a year in the making a group of DJs have gathered their talent and created The House Collective.  F1 djs are proud to be part of this collective.  This is my first mix.  We plan to do live streams through Mixify using the blog page so please support what we stream.  It's all house music. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Arcadion & Malkin Fritz - First Compound

Just catching up with some fresh music and had this land in the inbox a few weeks ago.  Again the man of the moment Malkin Fritz on the knobs and a nice little electro teaser for you all.  We don't know much about Arcadion but this duo seem to have the magic touch.

Hardisco - The Run EP

So these guys who I have posted about before have done this really cool EP.  THE RUN EP is a must get for all the house music lovers out there.

I am sat listening to all the tracks on the ep and I have to say that all the tracks are #totesamazeballs
Malkin Fritz is the man behind the EP and as before when I posted about this guy he has truly delivered the goods.  We posted the teaser mix from their soundcloud page and now the full EP is out its well worth £9.10 of any ones hard earned cash.

Please support this EP and share the love for Hardisco Records coz we know its gonna be big!!!