Saturday, 27 November 2010

...Rafik on Traktor...

this is fresh

....F1 got an X1....

Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software is an industry standard for legions of digital DJs with laptop-based rigs. Unfortunately, as the company's software has grown increasingly sophisticated, the prospect of using your laptop's trackpad to control it becomes a bit ridiculous.

In an effort to make your laptop's trackpad obsolete, Native Instruments is launching a dedicated USB DJ controller named Traktor Kontrol X1. It hit shelves in February of 2010, the Kontrol X1 includes every knob, button, and slider a DJ could desire, and touts a retail price of £159.00.

A stripped-down version of Traktor DJ software (Traktor LE) comes included, and offers an upgrade path to the proper Traktor Duo and Traktor Pro versions. Also realize that there's no sound card built into the X1, so beginners may need to pick up something like the Audio 2 DJ to flesh out a proper four-channel DJ rig.

We have just purchased this little gem and at a first glance it has made everything more simple. all the knobs and buttons do what they say and this makes for more experimental mixing. Looping and effects are part of the mix now not just a mix and blend style. Check out the future blog post for our mix downloads using the X1 Kontrol.

F1 and out

Saturday, 13 November 2010

...its new and fully loaded....

.....Allen and Heath’s XONE DX.

A controller-mixer built to combine old school DJing with modern digital delivery, the XONE DX is a standalone unit for the supplied Serato Itch DJing software, as well as a conventional mixer. DJs can switch between Itch — which gives budding mixologists the ability to mix four virtual decks with effects from the DX — or mix via a standard DJ set up, comprising of up to four external sound sources. Phono and line inputs can be selected at a push of a button, allowing up to four variations of turntables or CD Decks to be connected to the XONE DX.

The DX is also a 20-channel USB soundcard, and can be configured using the multiple outputs to ensure that separate signals can be provided and controlled for the main club outputs, as well as for the monitoring in the DJ booth. There is also an Aux out for direct connection to a recording device, so that DJ sets can be recorded using Allen and Heath’s tried and tested sound circuitry, found deep inside the DX.

The XONE DX is also fully compatible with other DJ software brands like Native Instruments Traktor, so with all bases covered, everyone’s a winner.

F1 like this. Best get saving. £999.00 approx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You need to listen to this holmes...

...for those that know, i have a brother who is a bit of a turntablist at heart and he' but together an artistic blend for your ears which has made me smile.

All those years of banging on about drum n bass, breaks, and putting little stickers on scratch vinyl (apparently 'it helps') have come to fruition and a frickin' electro dj is born....

..isn't it great how our influences point to the same star?

Check out the mix below and let him know what you think bro.

He needs only 100 plays so that the judges can witness his genius.