Sunday, 31 October 2010

Saturday, 30 October 2010

...The End, Thank you for being you....

End Of an Era: Panasonic Kills Off Technics Turntables

If you've ever been a DJ, known a DJ, or listened to a DJ, there's a good chance you're familiar with Technics. Panasonic'sanalog turntables are legend among scratchers and spinners. And now they're gone.

Panny made the announcement that they'd cease Technic sproduction because of "a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production." In a word: obsolescence.

3.5 million SL-1200 turntables sold since 1972. Countless audio mixers and stereo headphones that also bear the Technics name. But with sales of analog decks being just 5% of what they were 10 years ago, Panasonic's finally pulled the plug on a classic.

What made Technics so good? A reliable Direct Drive turning mechanism. A heavy, rock-solid 27 pound base. And three decades of tradition.

It's not that Technics are the only analog turntables in the world. It that they werethe analog turntables. And now, like any other technology that gets eclipsed, they're antiques, collectibles, curios for fanatics. Lets hope anyone who's got one keeps it well preserved.

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

slam dunkin'

follow the link below to download one of our precious F1 mixes. this time we have been using the traktor instinctively which shows in our lastest effort.

good fockin skills kid!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

...opened the tin to find these guys....

..GO GO BIZKITT are some funked up soul chaps with a finger on the g-spot of creamy house samples.
This track is called WOW and it is indeed wowtastic. check out the neat sample from a well known group with soul

Saturday, 16 October 2010

...just found this geezer, WTF... BL3ND

so this is DJ Bl3nd. a crazy kid who i can't stop watching. quality tunes and great mixing.

...these guys rock...

so its a saturday, xfactor has filled my head with death threats and the only way to keep me from jumping off a 5ft ladder is this site:

full of phattness and true pleasure

we even do requests...

after the last post i have been asked to post this tune...

...where did they come from.....

This is the radio edit of the new single from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Proper video coming soon! The full version will be released on the 8th November on the 'Household Goods' EP on the esteemed Greco-Roman label. Go

live stream from the round house in camden

this says it all, they have my vote for being the new shit in my box and the future of electro....must go see them

....the one we sneaked in....

click the link below to download the fresh mix of funky house. this is special, trust me

funky mix 2010

Friday, 15 October 2010

...the 3am mega mix... this is the first mix we have had on the TRAKTOR. it was a blast and many more to was a friday night and we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks as work and family shit had taken over. so the mix tapes we have uploaded are more of a get together than a mash up. it did however start at 9pm and end at 3am.

Monday, 4 October 2010

new Deadmau5 shizzle

So this geezer is storming the scene at the moment with his crazy hat with ears. everything he touches finds its way into someone's record bag. this is a cheeky first for F1 djs. brand spanking new track from the mouse..

dirty as you like.......

this gets played every set and always delivers
F1 x