Monday, 24 December 2012

Best Tune of 2012

So 2012 has been a magical year for house music as the digital technology available just gets better and better.
We asked some of the people we have met this year what is the 'BEST TUNE OF 2012'.

@Woods_F1 says Umek - Jack The Groove
@taliakepinska says Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway
@Lucalento says Luca Lento & K-Lip - King Authur
@banksE1 says Robbie Hardkiss - Everything Is Changing (hyena stomp mama remix)
Malc East of Phunky Rabbit Records says Steven Stone & Marc Evans - Whos To Blame (pasha nofrost not to blame remix)
Guru Rog (Friktion) says Hector Couto & Santi Garc - Let The Music 
Steve 'soulmafia' Watts from Gravity FM says Davidson Ospina - The More I Get The More I Want
@purkaldo says Kurd Maverick - Hell Yeah
@mattauckland from Voice FM  says Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (the magician rmx)
@Elksar says Artful - Could Just Be The Baseline (artful & ridney classic club mix)
Global House Session boss says Ziggy Funk - What You Afraid Of


This is the review of all the best soulful house tunes from the year from Steve Watts on Gravity Fm - Global House Sessions

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Effluxion - we introduce you

Today was one of those days, sat at the office desk, phone vibrates, it's a message from John Donoghue.  We played 'the trip' one of Johns tracks on the last mixtape we made. (mix is below)
John thanked us for playing his tune, but to be honest we thank you John (Effluxion)for making such a top track.  We even played the original version so this track is one banger.
This is from Effluxion.......
I have a new track out soon on Sequential Records here in Manchester called Blue Room. Here’s the SoundCloud rip (Nothing on my SC page is mastered):
I have this track, another remix for Sequential which is similar to Blue Room (Rosenhaft – Born To Make U Sweat) and then quite a fair few out as part of SoulReazon (Produced with a friend).
We, as SoulReazon, have just released an EP on Applique called Judgement Day EP but this one might be a bit techy for you. Check it out anyway and see what you think:
please show some love and support UK house music.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jim Cormack - Mix Tape December 2012

This fresh talent has been in the same dj booth as F1 Djs on many nights and we rate this guy so much 11/10 does not do him justice. Jim is the one that helped F1 Djs grow over the past 3 years with the famous studio we called the 'Garage'. Please show some love for this guy as this is not the last time we will post a mix from Jim Cormack.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Erol Alkan 2005 mixtape

BangMulahGangg Mulah

After a tweet for more mix tapes had a few pop in the inbox and this one caught my eye.  Something new for the blog and after a 2nd listen is got me by the balls and its going on the ipod for future raod trips.

One for the Ravers back in the day

This post is one we had to share as the hardcore dance scene is what sparked off our love for dance music.

Traktor is now our weapon of choice

For those that already know (F1djs, Matt & Dan) use Traktor software.  It started with the scratch duo and we use Pro.  The image above is our studio set up.

Things didn't use to be like this.  We started on some Technics 1210s when we were 15yrs old.  Now at at he age of 33 we have been through cdjs, mixers and mp3 players and finally technology gave us what we wanted.  A program that handle the different music styles we like to play and all the effects and loops any Dj could ask for.  Traktor is now our weapon of choice.  Using the software to sync all the tracks means we can be more creative with our mixes using more effects, loops and quicker mixing all adds to the new style we have addapted.  The biggest thing was that we can just go to the studio with a usb drive full of new tunes and off we go.  No more carrying record boxes and cd cases.  We now use the camelot mixing method and this has improved the way we look at putting our tracks togther.

Over time we have found some great little tips from other blogs and people we know.  These are just 2 great Traktor based info blogs we wanted to share.

10 Hidden Traktor tips.
Traktor tips blog, you also find our friday guest mix on here.

Happy mixing and remember the sync button won't make you a greatDj.  Knowing your tracks will.

KURA & MAKJ - Galaxy EP