Tuesday, 31 May 2011

..is it sticking ok Jon??

After a 2 week break and 2 guest mixes (which i am still excited about) we have found the time to break out from the cage and mash it up on a Friday.
As usual we have broken the mix into 3 easy listens and downloads......2.5 hrs of F1 madness is enough to make anyone not sit still.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

...Guest Mix 3

This guest mix is very special one. We've been after some new talent for a long time and this guy has been in the background ready to pounce AND HIS TIME IS NOW !!!!!!

Craig Worley (26) of F1's home town Sleaford has been djing and making tunes for over 8years. Craig's love of Trance has seen him not sleep for many a weekend traveling all over the UK to catch top Djs play the best tunes in the best clubs the UK has to offer. With this has come a passion for djing and whilst watching the 'big boys' he has developed his own style and we are so excited to be posting this mix.
Normally you get the F1 boys and as we have grown so has the interest for new mix tapes and new styles of house music.
This is all getting to much..............
Free for download and on LOOP IN MY CAR !!!!!


We will be posting some of his tunes later later on this year SO KEEP YA EARS PEELED

Sunday, 22 May 2011

...Guest Mix 2

Jonny G has supplied another fantastic mix tape for us. This time around we have some essential summer beats that will groove ya body to the beach and back.

Afternoon in the Sun by djjon1
this is full of hedkadi bangerz.

don't forget, send ya mixs/podcasts in (f1djs247@gmail.com) and any tunes for a post, we are happy to post any genre as we love music and that's that.

...jizzy back at ya boss

so this is my answer to your super mix Woods F1....electro bangerz with some what a classic sneaked in. 30mins of jizztastic, eargasmic choooooons

Elkstar F1 on a 30min knock out
F1 mixtape electro stinkers by f1djs

Thursday, 19 May 2011


i made this tape and thought of you....                            

Woods F1 Gets The Job Done Boss! by F1-DJs

Monday, 16 May 2011


I first heard of this guy from our boyz in the USA Bangerz Only. The post with his remix of Nero - Guilt is a true belta and i can't wait to play this stomper in a future podcast.

Nero- Guilt (DallasK Remix) by DallasK

Since taking an interest in Dallask, i have to so the love and post some of the most sexual electro tunes i have heard in a while along with an outstanding mix-tape, you how much i love a good mix-tape, 35 mins of jump up electro bangerz.

Damian Marley & Nas- As We Enter (DallasK Remix) by DallasK

This tune shows the skillz this guy has with the amount of plays and downloads....
Hyphy (Original Mix) OUT ON BEATPORT MAY 23rd! by DallasK

A very snappy vocal and breakdown sold this one to me....
Tonight (Original Mix) by DallasK

This has a slight French feel and the break 30 seconds in is a total rush......give me more, he sure does, 2mins and 35 seconds in he has a stabby synth that makes that French sound complete
Winter Mix 2010/2011 by DallasK

The mix....you'll understand when its over...
19 year old Producer/DJ I produce solo as DallasK, as a member of DEFEP and a new project that doesn't have a name, so send me ideas!


f1 and out

Saturday, 14 May 2011

...Clockwork the time is now

As normal a full on week of searching for tunes and making mix tapes for f1djs on mixcloud. I stumbled across these guys, with the help from the musicninja.
Clockwork are a breath of fresh air and with the post on musicninja they are sure to hitting a dance floor near you. I have searched a little harder and found these little gems to add to the F1djs collection of bangerz.

I See You Baby (Clockwork Remix)
this is a sure floor banger with the classic vocal.......baby

Para One - Nevrosis (Clockwork Remix)
this is my new F1 banger for the next few months....wow.....the piano riff (maybe even tin drums??) with the squelching beats is off the hook.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

...Stardust Sunday

So many classic tunes are just not remembered for the floor fillers they were, then you you pull them out of the box that say's 'back in the day ', put the needle to the record and POW!!!, we have a classic back in the set list.
These two are just remarkable tunes in original format but now they have been juiced up with some VIP treatment.

Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
Hot Pink Delorean on the mix of a tune that got played every week in Kained Studio's for Turbo FM.

Mac Stanton making Stardust great all over again. I don't need to mention how good this tune is and the fact that i thought i'd played it to its death. Hell no. Re-live the moment you first heard this, mine at SPACE in Ibiza, on the terrace........nuff said.

Enjoy>>>>>F1 & out

Saturday, 7 May 2011

...raided & POW►POW◄POW!!

Good skills Trev on the last raided & POW! You've pulled some belters out of your arse there int-cha!!             

I too have been dredging the murky depths of my vinyl collection and I'm only too please to share these classics with house lovers the world over...              

First up is a little somethng which I feel thake the original to the next level...BEHOLD!!   

Pulse - Lover That You Are (Mayhem & Musaphia 2006 Mix)

This next little belter was first brough to my attention in 1994 when Allistair Whitehead, god love him, dropped this on Radio 1's Essential Mix and it's stuck with me ever since. Bo!!                            

Ralph Falcon - That Sound

Ok back to 1999 now and picture the scene. It's my 21st birthday and we start the night at the Lost Weekend in Nottingham. As one club shuts, another one opens - in Birmingham!

So, off we went to The Hush which is the club where Stan Collymore was reported to have twatted Ulrika Johnnson (see below).                             

I remember the DJ playing my favourite tune at the time too!                                      

Capriccio - Everybody Get Up (Jazz n Groove Nu Disco Vocal)

Time for one more and you'll not want to miss this!!                                    

Ben Watt most acclaimed for Everything But The Girl, presents to us a beautifully produced slab of house which deserves to be in any credible Djs collection.                   

I  fucking love you Ben!!                                                 

Ben Watt - Lone Cat (Holding On)

There will be more to follow me ode fruit................see you on the ice.                   

Sunday, 1 May 2011

..3hr mix session

We are known for the crazy goings on in Kained Studios and F1 towers, but this is one of the first 3hr mix session we have managed to record in full. I hope you all enjoy the marathon mix from @Elkstar and @Woods_F1

Get the downloads on the 1,2,3
1. first part
2. second part
3. third part