Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday Monday Monday

Monday, that day of the week that seems to just before you sleep i have some good music to share. Lee has given his track away for free so grab it now. The rest just fall into place.

Solar Sounds Radio Show

Solar Sounds Radio is a radio station hosted by Rob Hayes.  This soulful house master has made some of the finest records in the history of house music. F1 Dj's have the privilege to play on his Internet radio station along with some of the best House Music Dj's you will hear.  We have a show every Friday 9-11pm GMT, please take a listen and spread the word about this station as its gonna grab your soul and make you wanna party.

Big shout out to Rob Hayes, Sandro, Talia, Kev B, Johny H just to mention small portion of the Dj Talent on the station.

Come and join the Solar Sounds Family and chat in the live feed, just type ya name in and hit 'login'.  See you pon di floor.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Turbo Fm Show 11/5/12

B-RY....uknown till now!!!!

I had one of those moments the other day whilst looking for some cool new music, then i stumbled across this guy.....
Show some love for this guy and check out his skillz...

 He's from Canada and thats all we know.

Soul Mafia

Tech, the Seb way

This just gets me in the mood and i hope it does you too. (@Elkstar)

Moda - Space, 2012....boooom

A must this summer 'we love' are gonna boost the pressure up one million percent this year and leave all the rest behind.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Mac Stanton - We Are

Our good friend Mac Stanton has made this record his own.....
Please support this track and make it happen for him.

Kris Menace And The Kiki Twins - We Are (Mac Stanton Highway Remix)-Kris Menace Remix Contest by So French Records

Luca Lento - New Mix

Now..... this guy as you know is hot property at the moment and we fully support all he does...

Luca Lento (4Kenzo, 1980, Vamos) May 2012 PodCast! by lucalento

Strictly Rhythm - Free D/L

what else can we say.....enjoy it, Strictly Rhythm have given it away for free

The Str8jackets & Sam Obernik - Love and Oxygen (Jerry Rekonius Remix) by Strictly Rhythm

Shadow Child

Mr Dave Spoon has this remix bang on....

Dino Lenny 'A DJ Deep Inside' (Shadow Child remix) - OUT MID-MAY by Shadow Child

big things this year for Shadow Child 

Malkin Fritz

This is one of those moments that happen when you least expect it.  I just stumbled across this guy and his mix took my breath away

Live MIX (Malkin Fritz) FREE/DL by Malkin Fritz

Enjoy and follow 

Friday, 4 May 2012

F1 Djs - Live mix on Ustream Channel Turbofm

We have a live show 2 twice a month on the our Ustream Channel Turbofm
This show is all bout the old house records we played back in the day.  I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fresh new soundz RoGuE bEaTz

BRAND spanking new digital label to showcase the best in up & coming talent from across the DRUM'n'BASS spectrum and with some exclusive big name remixes and releases , 2012 is sure to be an eye opener !
Please use our dropbox to send and upload tracks or hit us up via our facebook, twitter, myspace or aim@trutempa ..

Talk the TALK

Really enjoy this guy as you may know, this is his new mix for ya ears.....

James Talk - May 2012 - 2 Hour DJ Mix [DOWNLOAD & TRACK LIST] by James Talk
1. Downtown Party Network - The Other Side (Best Kept Secret) 2. Soho808 - Get Up Disco (Daniel Solar Remix) (Dikso) 3. Den Ishu - Your Experience (Supernature) 4. Tornado Walace - Insect Overlords (Delusions Of Grandeur) 5. Simon Baker - Blue Lights (2020 Vision) 6. Giuseppe Cennamo - Marimba (Desolat) 7. Francesco Bonora & Zoe Xenia - Heart & Spirit (Christian Hawk & Timid Boy Naked Mix) (High Definition Records 8. Andrade - Dancing (Quells the Grind Remix) (Back And Forth) 9. Huxley - Box Clever (2020 Vision) 10. Flashmob - Need In Me (Defected) 11. Sascha Riot - Nothing But Love (Intacto) 12. Dog Days - Mia (Gruuv) 13. Fisher & Fiebak - Saxation) (Tactical Records) 14. Maya Jane Coles - Not Listening (K7 Records) 15. Mendo & Yvan Genkins - Gods On Hill (Defected) 16. Inaki Santos & Paco Maroto - Lo Conozco (Sphera Records) 17. Steve Lawler - Venerate (Upon You) 18. Reuben Mandolini - Also! (Snatch!) 19. Slam - Azure (KiNK Remix) (Soma) 20. Dosem - Replicants (Johannes Heil's Barefoot Remix) (Suara) 21. Abstraxion - Moribayasa (Argy's Back To Techno Mix) (Different) 22. Alan Fitzpatrick - Always Something For Nothing (Drumcode) 23. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Wink Interpretation) (White Label)


Two Tigers Toying around. Some New Step, Some low slung vibes, and a healthy pinch of fun.

Toy Tigers - Mixtape One by ToyTigers

Vangelis - Anthony Atcherley RMX

The guy has done it again, somehow he just makes great music and pulls off some really cool remixes.
Anthony Atcherley is one to look for this summer

Vangelis - Pulstar(Anthony Atcherley Based On The Soulwax rmx) by Anthony Atcherley

MYNC - CR2 Radio

StarX - Plasma Recharge

StarX is the project of Dusty, an Alien DJ from the planet Nibiru touring the universe through Worm Holes in the Space. Today he brings to us his unique Style coming from Electro to a Massive Uplifting Trance sound, his Alien Robotic Sounds are powerful in dancefloors all over the globe.  Keep an eye out for for some really cool music from this space like ghetto sounding creature

StarX - Plasma Recharge (DEMO) by starxdusty

Chuckie vs Starkillers & Dimitri KO - StarX UFO 2012 MASH UP (FREE DOWNLOAD!) by starxdusty

1992 - Music was just super cool