Thursday, 30 May 2013



I first heard of Hardisco records when I came across a young man on mixcloud called Malkin Fritz.  The mix he had done took my breath away and after a short chat on Facebook I posted the mix on this blog.  Malkin Fritz has agreed to be the first ever interview on our blog and excitement in the F1 Djs Blog camp is ready to explode.


F1. Malkin who's idea was it to start the label?
MF. Well, a few years ago I was talking to my friends that it would be great to open  our own label, and to present our own sounds and tunes. With my friends from the label, Kalson and Rave Charles, we managed to revive what we talked about for years. So, Hardisco Records is now open and the work it's going full steam. 

F1. What was the last record you remember buying?
MF. The last thing I touched was the Daft Punk "Random Access Memories" and "Soul Clap pres. Dancing on the Charles compilation" on Soul Clap Records. 

F1. How many years have you been Djing?
MF. To the date, there will be 4 years. 

F1. When did you start to make music?
MF. I started when i was 18. Before that, i always wanted to make my own sounds. I thought it was too expensive, but my friend show to me Ableton and Cubase. I was stoned when i saw the possibilities! All that plug-ins and EQ's, i was like "Wow, I finally found something".
In the beginning, my music sounded disastrous. I didn't know how to convey my emotions in digital format. I was desperate! Then things changed after a while. Every day, I made music and trained myself to achieve what I want. Today, my technical side is much better than in the beginning. (laughing) 

F1. Whats next for Harddisco Records (any new releases)
MF. We are currently working on my new EP called "Malkin Fritz - The Run" that will appear on all platforms at June 2013. The whole package contains two original tracks and five remixes. It will be a real summer refreshment for fans of pop and disco sound.
Full year we planned, so you can expect more variety of music and compilations on Hardisco Records.

F1. Who's your favourite Dj/Producer at the moment?
MF. I think that will be Modeselektor and Apparat (Moderat). These people work such a thing as called quality! 

F1. Are you a Vodka or Whiskey man?
MF. Well, this is a nice question! (laugh) I always prefer whiskey, but sometimes i miss the Vodka. On the stage, it does not matter! (laughing)

F1. What equipment do you use when Djing?
MF. I have long used Ableton Live connected to the controller. But sometimes, it can be crashed couse of the power of the USB port. And that is not good for the crowd! (laughing)
Today, I only work on Serato. CDJ players, controller or a turntables. It doesn't matter. Just need to connected to Serato. 

F1. The Summerize Mixtape is my favourite mixtape of the year so far and its made me go and get some of the tunes you played.  Can you tell us of any artists we need to look out for in the future. 
MF. Yes, of course! First, big thank you for your support on "Summerize"! The artists that I really like are Leeno, Soul Clap, Alex Metric, Moderat, Mickey, Oliver, Nick Monaco, Boston Bun, Squarepusher, Synkro, Armand Van Helden, Surkin, Arcadion etc. You have so much labels that provide good music. Mullet Records, Dominance Electricity, Turbo , Record Makers, Soul Clap , Marble etc. 

F1. Malkin thanks for your time answering the questions and we look forward to posting more of your mixtapes and tracks in the future.
Hardisco records have the full support of the F1djs Blog and we wish all involved the best success, just keep the music coming and we will post it.
MF. It's my pleasure that I did an interview for F1 DJ's!
Malkin Fritz (Hardisco Records).....................Regards from Serbia.
F1 & Out

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Malkin Fritz - FeeL tHe HeAt

Feel The Heat (mixtape) by Malkin Fritz on Mixcloud

Purkaldo - a must listen

So those that know F1 Djs, know we love a good mixtape.  This guy is someone who I met a while ago through Soulphusion Radio.  The man got mad skillz when it comes to making a mixtape and as I listen while I write this post it makes me wanna dance.

Please show some love for this mix and take a listen, then tell ya mates, and then tell ya mum and her mates and mention it to ya gran also.

Good luck in the mix comp Stuart

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