Sunday, 28 December 2008

rockin the kitchen...

yeeeeeeeeeeh boyeeeeeeee!

woods> christmas is over.. time to warm up for the kitchen nye session to die for. we got some fresh jams for you to enjoy in our latest kitchen session. tonight we got jimbo in on the action, dunno where bengo got to the slack ass mother fucker..... quite literally!

elkstar> after no heating for 48hrs i'm raedy for a NYE warm up.... boliers who would have 'em. Looks like we have been blessed with a recordable disc that works and to make the mix even better Jimbo joins us for the 1st garage....just sinks and a whole lot of washing up....

woods>woooooo disco funkin with a lemon twist..

elkstar> disco like shiney balls, biggggg dazzlers (reach for the lazers, safe as foook). Roll on new years eve....

tracklisting for this one is as follows

1. moulinex - leisure suit
2. ac slater - vertigo
3. kap10kurt - mission complete (moulinex remix)
4. dizzee rascal - dance wiv me (aston shuffle / kissy / f1 edit)
5. mastiksoul - run for cover
6. the phantom's revenge - saturated fat impact
7. mr. oizo - piste 05 (f1 edit)
8. jamie fanatic ft. mc VI - body & soul
9. yanou - children of the sun (lambretto mix)
10. gorillaz - dirty harry (disco villains remix)
11. nick supply & the bulgarian - air bounce
12. dons pres. john morley - oo la la
13. le le - vraiment
14. deviant sound system - smut
15. south west beats - it's love (trippin)
16. ohio players - love rollercoaster
17. scott cooper - unknown
18. daft punk - around the world (fonik remix)
19. disco villains - whoomp!


download this mix and you won't be sorry...

f1 dirty kitchen sessions

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