Sunday, 1 March 2009

...well it's that time of the week again...

.....due to a weekend in Kensington we missed a post and are ready to make up for it. This Sunday Bengo (from the garage crew) is joining us for a total mash up of fidget, tech and electronic beats. As a special plus to tonights proceedings we have a 12yr bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey and its flowing so smooth, like the rivers in flood season....

1: Kennet l Tomas & Sean Micheals - Funktion Won (maxie Devine RMX)
2: Daze of Thunder - Ghost Hunter
3: Twilo People - With Or Without You (Tim weeks rmx)
4: Felguk - Guess What
5: Andre Crom - Jazz Thang - (Riva Starr rmx)
6: Stupid Bastard - Hype up
7: Cienk&Kez - This Is Our House
8: Igor S - Keep It Goin - Feat Lady Brian
9: Dave Lee - Latronica (Dave Spoon Remix)
10: Glamrock Bros... - Ma Baker
11: Consistent - Midday Blend - ( Oliver Remix)
12: Young Punx - Juice & Gin (Riva Starr Remix)
13: Black Finger - UMF (heavyfeet Rmx)
14: Marc De Pulse - PS You Rock ( Spektre Remix)
15: Xpress 2 - London Xpress (Idiotproof Remix)
16: N.A.S.A - Whatyadoin
17: Heinrichs&Hirtenfellner - Tromp it

DL>> Sunday Sessions

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