Saturday, 26 June 2010

long live house music

...we're on a right one tonight, it's been well over a week since the F1 had a mix and with so many belters around at the minute it would be rude not to mash one out! what says you trev?

.....well jon, aweek has passed and the downloads have been thick and fast, wearhouse music putting out some right stimkers at the mo. Lee Mortimer, well done son....

jon, nice little number black noise...minton rinton

yeh huge props to the black noise body poppers for that one, get in ez.

as i placed the bet on me playing more wearhouse music im dancing all the way to the bank. time to change it up

i still can't believe i'm shockin out to a kylie record - the locomotion!

60 mins gone and i see the F1 have slipped into something more comfortable!

kele - tenderoni (xxxchange remix)
the gossip - love long distance (fake blood mix)
lee mortimer & foamo - superman (reset! remix)
kith 'n' sink - baby girl (geoff mix)
nas - as we enter (foamo remix)
disco trash music - boom
lebatman - funkit
hunter vaughan - dribble drape
black noise - knock you out
lee mortimer vs m&s - bootsoul nugget
we have a band - divisive (tom staar remix)
kabz - run di riddim
costello - get crazy (black noise remix)
mimo - sing it
kylie - all the lovers (xxxchange remix)
la savy fav - the slip (kids at the bar rmx)
moulinex - lover in me
kele la roc - my love
stevie wonder - all i do (cleptomaniacs remix)
indo - r u sleeping (lee mortimers wearhouse re-rub)
sandy b - make the world go round (deep dish remix) of course!!!
and to finish..

ducksauce - aNYway



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