Wednesday, 8 December 2010

....S4 KONTROL....

Native Instruments release the ultimate Traktor controller, the Kontrol S4, with built-in 4 channel sound card allowing four deck mixing, on-board sample controls and an all new dedicated Traktor Pro S4 software.

This device really is what controller based Traktor users have been waiting for, following the success of the Kontrol X1, the Kontrol S4 offers a built-in 4 in, 4 out soundcard with Native Instruments renowned 96 kHz, 24 bit sound quality, meaning that this controller will sound amazing on even the biggest club sound systems. Not only does the controller feature great sound, but also boasts high quality knobs and faders and also features patent pending Electro Magnetic jog wheel technology, giving them a better resistance and firmer feel so that they can withstand even the toughest professional use, and because Native Instruments use their own HID technology, the controls offer an extreme tight and accurate precision, far superior to MIDI.

The Kontrol S4 features on-board sample controls which can be used to playback and loop samples from your favourite sample banks or from the high quality sample and loop bank included with the controller. The sample controls can also be used to lift loops from whichever track is playing, so that they can be stored in Traktor Pro S4's all new loop library and played back later in the mix.

Because the S4 is designed and built by Native Instruments, the controls could not be better layed-out to suit the Traktor Pro S4 software, at the top of the controller you'll find effects parameters that mimic exactly what you'll see on screen, and in exactly the same position, making it easy to navigate in dark venues. The large 4 inch jog wheels are also centrely located and can be used for track searching, scratch control and pitch bend uses. The lower half of the controller features high quailty transport controls, as well as loop functions (including loop in and out, digital loop size display and loop size knobs), four hot cue controls, sample controls and of course, 4 channel faders with individual level displays, allowing simultanious four deck mixing.

Another exciting feature of the Kontrol S4 is the abilty to connect external devices such as a CDJ, turntable, or an external synth, allowing the DJ to play them 'thru' Traktor Pro S4, giving the DJ the ability to add Traktors effects to all your favourite tracks, whether they are on CD or vinyl. A software update will also allow the DJ to use timecode control to intergrate Traktor Scratch as well as the Kontrol S4 into your sets.

The new Traktor Kontrol S4 is set to revolutionise the way DJ's use Traktor, and again, change the face of digital DJ'ing.

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