Saturday, 5 February 2011

...dave spoon...

this is the first instalment of Dave Spoon's podcast and we love it in the F1 camp. check it out:

>>>Tracklist >>> Tony Senghore ‘Burnin’ > BeatueCue ‘Disque Oh!’ (Don Rimini mix) > A1 Bassline ‘Stabs' > ’Strip Steve ‘The Beast’ > Sleazy McQueen ‘Naked’ (KiNK mix) > - Chat with Spooncam’s Healey & Drive Hero Kev - Roel Salemink & Audiowomb ‘What The Funk’ (Peter Horrevorts mix) > Worthy ‘Work It Work’ (Tom Budden mix) > Paul Strive ‘This Tape’ > Mark Mendes & Alex Kenji ‘BOM’ > Massimo Massive ‘Hands Up' > Oui’wack ‘Jungle Wars’ > Dave Spoon & TV Rock ‘FIVEg’ (Steve Angello edit) > Ahmet Sendil ‘Ring Cadet’ (George F & Tekkman mix) > Peter Horrevorts ‘Bloody Hands’ > Erol Alkan & Boys Noize ‘Death Suite’ (Erol Alkan edit)

f1 & out

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