Saturday, 7 May 2011

...raided & POW►POW◄POW!!

Good skills Trev on the last raided & POW! You've pulled some belters out of your arse there int-cha!!             

I too have been dredging the murky depths of my vinyl collection and I'm only too please to share these classics with house lovers the world over...              

First up is a little somethng which I feel thake the original to the next level...BEHOLD!!   

Pulse - Lover That You Are (Mayhem & Musaphia 2006 Mix)

This next little belter was first brough to my attention in 1994 when Allistair Whitehead, god love him, dropped this on Radio 1's Essential Mix and it's stuck with me ever since. Bo!!                            

Ralph Falcon - That Sound

Ok back to 1999 now and picture the scene. It's my 21st birthday and we start the night at the Lost Weekend in Nottingham. As one club shuts, another one opens - in Birmingham!

So, off we went to The Hush which is the club where Stan Collymore was reported to have twatted Ulrika Johnnson (see below).                             

I remember the DJ playing my favourite tune at the time too!                                      

Capriccio - Everybody Get Up (Jazz n Groove Nu Disco Vocal)

Time for one more and you'll not want to miss this!!                                    

Ben Watt most acclaimed for Everything But The Girl, presents to us a beautifully produced slab of house which deserves to be in any credible Djs collection.                   

I  fucking love you Ben!!                                                 

Ben Watt - Lone Cat (Holding On)

There will be more to follow me ode fruit................see you on the ice.                   

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