Thursday, 2 June 2011

...SwitchBladeDisco and Flexout

As we are moving faster to the summer, it is onlty right that we promote some hot nights that are going down in our area.

These guys are a fresh sound for the D&B scene in the City of Lincoln. They have some great Dj's on their books and wild MC's too. They pride themselves on showcasing the fresh up and coming DJ's and producers, as well as resident DJ's Retraflex they also work with the next big artists on the scene. Just some of the talent they have to offer:


Retraflex AKA Tom Bassi & Stephen Dampier formed in early 2010 and are co-owners of Flexout Audio. With a combined 15 years of experience, their DJ sets showcase a full spectrum of drum and bass music. The duo have now hit the studio and are focusing on making drum and bass that represents their label & sound.

Ben Fawce

Ben Fawce has spun for many promoters (regularly @ Detonate) & his tracks have been played by top DJs such as Pendulum, Bassline Smith and Laurent Garnier. As one of the heads of the label Urban Sickness Audio, Ben is also a producer/drummer for the live act Predator Prey which has been receiving some high end acclaim as of late. He is also working with THePETEBOX and the legendary MC P-Fine, with tracks due out later this year.

Blu Bomma

Something that many people aren't aware of, is that Blu Bomma co-wrote the Pendulum hit "Tarantula", working in the studio with Fresh, Pendulum and MC Spyda. He is not an MC for one style of music, MCing on different styles/genres, inc. Bashment/Dancehall, Grime, Hip Hop Dubstep and Garage - adjusting his flow to suit. He produced a lot of lyrics listening to Oasis albums and has performed on Dubstep sets with artists such as Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs. Dubstep is a scene that Blu Bomma is looking forward to becoming more involved in, following positive feedback from artists and ravers alike.


This friday Flexout host another banging D&B night with one of F1's homies SwitchBladeDisco. Check out his tunes below and a future post on this D&B sensation that is sure to blow up all over ya face will follow later on this year.

SwitchBladeDisco - Dub Plates Revenge - dla black (out now) by switchbladedisco

Lego love by switchbladedisco

Bin huggers by switchbladedisco

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