Friday, 12 August 2011 and jam

I had a 'poke' on facebook from this guy TheDiskoStarz. As i have been very busy just lately it took me a while to 'poke' back and look at this guy's page. WOW!!!
This kool fella is a fresh sound to our ears and reminds me of why I love house music. The track that i am raving about is PIMPIN COFFEE JAM.

The Disko Starz - Pimpin Coffee Jam by The Disko Starz

It took me 30 seconds to realise that this tune is not just a great piece of house music but one of those tunes you will have in ya box for years, a bit like Duck Sauce - aNYway. Please show some love for TheDiskoStarz.

Been looking hard for some 'mint' tunes and this selection has just improved my record box by 80%.......enjoy

Jaimy - Take You Higher feat May Brit Michelle David (Original Mix)
Firebeatz - Knock Out (Original Mix)
Angel D & Daniele Petronelli - Iko Iko (Da Fresh Remix)
Tom Flynn - La Plassa - Original Mix
Tom Flynn - Budgie Smuggler (Original Mix)
Tripmastaz - Roll Dat (Original Mix)
Benny Benassi - Cinema ( Alex Gaudino Remix DRM )
Martin Solveig feat. Kele - Ready 2 Go (Club Edit)

Now this is most excited I have ever been about some DJ tech....

The Aston Shuffle have been a favorite of F1 for many years and this just proves why they are on top of their game at the moment.
If you like this track list then hit the link below to listen.....

Ebony Bones – The Muzik (The Krays Remix)
Gonzales – Never Stop (Erol Alkan Edit)
Urchins – Xlyophone (Grum Remix)
ZZT – Zzafrika
Light Year – 5 Girls (Finger Prince Remix)
Logo – Junocide (RMX)
Alex Gopher – Invasion (Etienne De Crecy Edit)
Mr Bink – Gecko (Burns Remix)
Mumbai Science – Lotus
Djedjotronic – Bugle
Senor Stereo – Hot Damn! (Nadastrom Remix)
His Majesty Andre – Gaff Card
Herve – Together (C.R.S.T Remix)
Canblaster – Clockworks
Eli Escobar – Love Thing (Eli Remix)
Firemire – Firemire (Remute Remix)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The Aston Shuffle’s Straight Cluuuuuurb Anthems Mixtape – Exclusive to inthemix

p.s.......don't forget to grab ya bangerz from BANGERZ ONLY

f1 & out

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