Sunday, 18 September 2011


Qoncept is a solo project by Singer/Songwriter/Producer Tom Sharpe. His music is predominantly based on Dubstep or Drumstep with full vocals, but his main focus when producing, is self expression rather than commercial gain.

Tom would currently class himself as an amateur "singer/ songwriter/ producer". he has been dabbling in music production since around 2005 with remixing, but only started writing his own original songs in the summer of 2009.

Qoncept's lyrics are all based on Tom's personal views and experiences and are often inspiration based (i.e. encouraging the listener to look at life in different ways so as to better their own and to improve the world that we ALL have to live in).

Tom's vocals are a mixture of singng and powerful "spoken words" (NOT RAPPING) but by teaming them up with a style of music that he loves, like Dubstep/ Drumstep, it gives him the opportunity to stand out from most other acts...

You can hear Qoncept's demo tracks on this profile, but Tom hopes to, one day, finalise the production, the lyrics and the vocals in a professional recording studio.

As of recently, Tom can be found performing his songs live around his local area...


..."This Is The New Qoncept..."

I Heard That by Qoncept

Species: Inhuman by Qoncept

The silence is worse than the pain 3 by Qoncept

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