Sunday, 9 October 2011

...Weekly Podcast 4 - specialise

Whoa! The F1 has found the time to give you yet another wild mix-cast with some juice for ya goose.

We've got disco flavas coming straight outta Paris and jackin' chino house for the heads y'all.

Jack'd up disco with a caffine line on the side. Shout to the UnderGround Sensations Crew for the IBIZA classics night, F1 rocked an old skool set like no other.

It's not all about your Vorsprung Durch Technik you know! We've hired in help from Cassian, The Phantom's Revenge even The French Goverment are involved!!

Empire Of The Sun on a 'we are the People' tip....slight distrubance but thats live for ya!!! :)

Woods_F1 on a mission - Roy Davis in the house...JNR

Samba and Technopical it tastes so good.

...classic house vibes with Botnek, Sandy Rivera and Kerri 6:23 Chandler!

Say what you will ......F1 Djs Make you wanna dance....please use 5 parts Whiskey and 1 part Coca Cola.....and the good times roll

Roman vs Barbarossa... it just makes sense....u dig!!!

Masters At Work a classic to enjoy then we continue...

Beautifully backed up with an all time great remix by Knee Deep of a Blaze classic "when i fall in love"

MAC foooooookin STANTON thats all i have to say....@Elkstar

TEED Garden....tune of year for the F1 boys...well done son!!!

ha ha!! Dana Dawson's made it onto the tracklist and rightly so. The Dancin Divas remix if 3 is family has become something of an institution in the F1 camp

@Woods_F1 find a tune is vey hard....Ha Ha ha...HELLO Ryan NZ on it

Rolling in the Deep is the breaker....

Levels and so much more.......

urgh, we love you Aston Shuffle

F1 and out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  ******part 2*******               

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