Wednesday, 2 November 2011

...Weekly Podcast 7 ***exclusive***

This weeks Podcast means so much to me, only a select few will understand the emotion and the pleasure it will bring to my ears.
To your ears it will bring a new sound, the fresh sound of Mark Dodds. This talent has been around Turbo FM and F1 Djs for over 10 years. Mark has made an impact already with big things ahead he will be featuring alot more on the blog.

After speaking with Mark he said ...'my inspirations are John 00 Fleming and i'm proud to be his friend and part of his JOOF EDITIONS movement. Also that Airwave, Moshic, 21street and Kintar just a few to mention are my favourite producers'...'and labels to find these artists and other good underground music and producers are JOOF recording, Contrast, Bonzai Progressive, Future synth recording and Mistiquemusic, like i said just a few to mention'... this underground movement is a fresh sound for all our ears and exciting...

Please take the time to listen to his exclusive Podcast he made for the blog.


Track Listing:
The Sound (Mirai remix) Chris Sterio & Steve McGrath
Intensity (original mix) HYPNOTIC DUO
I'm Lost SAWIAK, Hector
Simplicity (Fiord remix) Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan
In A Deeper Motion (Orignal Mix) Minilogue
Souls Plug MOSHIC
Dreams (MetronomeS Tribal Dream Remix) K.E.L., MetronomeS
Origins (Moshic remix) KLIMENT
Punisher KINTAR
Pandora Maindave
Repeater (21Street remix) BRAIN TRICK
Spirit Of The Streets (original mix) 21STREET
Begin Again (Faskil Remix) Micah
Irish Lore (Relaunch remix) LOQUAI
Dark & Light (Basil O'Gleu remix) DOMASED ELECTRONICA
Listen and download too

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