Saturday, 10 December 2011


This post will be the last one from me this year.  Moving to new family home means no Internet till January next year. (bloody talktalk) So we have made this post extra special for all the regular followers and any new followers we have gained over past few months.
A few post's ago you may have seen a new name on the blog....Twyloii.  This name will featuring on the blog a lot more as from now he joins the TURBO FM crew.

Turbo Fm started about 15+ years ago with a few mates all having a mix in one room.  The sessions we had started the Turbo Fm sound, anything goes, we mixed for hours and as time went on the 'boys' flew the nest, that left Dan and me to form F1 Djs and mix as a team.  After parties were our thing and the Turbo Fm Theme became a household in our town with clubbers starting to pop in to a party and ask to have a tape of the night.  Tapes were made and Turbo Fm never left the ears of regular clubbers.  As time has progressed this thing known as the Internet provided us with a wider audience and the blog was created.  Now we have added local talent such as Dj Jon and the new boy Mark Dodd.  Both of these have had mixes on the blog and will pop up time and time again.

Now the turn of an unknown fella who I stumbled across on Twitter.  Since then his support for the blog and 2 mixtapes has earned him a spot in the exclusive club of TURBO FM.

Please show some love for this epic deep house mix, it blew my mind when i heard it......

borntorage by Twyloii

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Turbo Fm & F1 Djs
'keep the vibe alive'

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