Sunday, 22 January 2012


For those that don't know this guy has been at the front line of UK house music for a long time.  The likes of Craig David would not be driving fast red cars if Artful (Mark) said no to producing some of the most influential music ever to grace a dance floor.

Mark Hill, the original Artful Dodger, creator of Rewind, Movin' Too Fast, Woman Trouble, Think About Me, Please Don't Turn Me On! etc and Writer and Producer of Craig David's "Born To Do It"  has been away for a while.... but now he's back and his music is fresher than ever.  Ridney shares a radio show with Mark 103.9 Voice FM, its a must listen....Listen NOW!!!
These are a few examples of what's been stored in the Artful closet.  This man has skills times millions.  A super hero you may think the way he puts music together.  Follow him on twitter: @thisisartful

Planes, Trains and Migraines v2 by _Artful_ Artful V Terri Walker on Annie Mac (radio rip) by _Artful_ Artful V Terri Walker & Donaeo - He Loves Me by _Artful_ ARTFUL mix for the "Jaguar Skills and his amazing friends: radio show by _Artful_ 'Could Just Be The Bassline' Artful & Ridney Classic Club Mix by _Artful_

This is a very special mix made by Artful.  Please click here to play and download.......


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