Friday, 3 February 2012

...8-bit Slave

The story behind this post is another simple moment on twitter. I gave a shout to our boys who have made it more that 100 times over in the blog world....@bangerzonly.......and i had a reply from this guy @8bitslave. So after a hard day in the office i have had chance to check out his soundcloud page and this guy is one i would like to share with you all...... this is Part 1 of his podcast and got me stompin' on a cold Friday evening in a snowed in UK A bit about this 8 bit Slave...... Raised on the unique blend that is the New York City Metro Area, the proud New Jersey native, 8-bit Slave combines all these elements into his sound. What he sees, what he hears, what inspires him, is translated into each piece thats crafted. Each one is unique and depicts specific emotions channelled deep from within the soul, every rhythm, every note. No two sound alike, each one takes you on a different ride. 8-bit Slave’s roots are firmly grounded in Hip Hop and Urban styles, however he has always felt a strong attraction to various types of beats. In fact, his name stems from his love for all types of grooves and beats; he in fact, claims he is a “Slave to the beat”. The 8-bit part of his identity comes from his love for electronics and analog/digital synths, the chirps, buzzes, sirens, and fuzz produced by some of his favorite electronic influences such as Trentemoller, Afrojack and Herve. “Growing up 15 minutes from NYC, I got to see, hear, and experience alot of unique things that made me who I am today & I am proud of it. I was exposed to alot of different backgrounds, lifestyles, neighborhoods, and ultimately sounds. I’m proud of the diversity I got to experience as a youth, and I’m just glad I can channel and relay that to everyone else, who should get a chance to have that as well.” - 8-bit Slave Sounding like a cross between Diplo, Crookers, David Guetta, Timbaland, Afrojack and Just Blaze, 8-bit Slave is influenced by a wide range of styles and refrains from calling one genre his comfort zone. He can produce House, Electro, Minimal, Dubstep, Hip Hop, or Pop, but tends to weave in & out of all those genres while incorporating elements of those and other styles into his sound. He doesn’t like to be classified into a single genre and caters to going beyond and discovering, rather than warming up the copy machine and cloning. Rhythm and sonic presence are king in his world. “I draw, paint, and warp sounds into intricate sonic landscapes for your hearing pleasure. I am one with all the arts, anything creative, anything pushing boundaries, anything twisting & distorting reality, anything warping brain cells into new ways of thinking.” Share the love and spread the word as this guy has got more up his sleeve than a pumping vain.

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