Monday, 28 May 2012

Solar Sounds Radio Show

Solar Sounds Radio is a radio station hosted by Rob Hayes.  This soulful house master has made some of the finest records in the history of house music. F1 Dj's have the privilege to play on his Internet radio station along with some of the best House Music Dj's you will hear.  We have a show every Friday 9-11pm GMT, please take a listen and spread the word about this station as its gonna grab your soul and make you wanna party.

Big shout out to Rob Hayes, Sandro, Talia, Kev B, Johny H just to mention small portion of the Dj Talent on the station.

Come and join the Solar Sounds Family and chat in the live feed, just type ya name in and hit 'login'.  See you pon di floor.

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