Sunday, 18 August 2013

Phunky Rabbit Records - Interview

F1. Anyone that knows us and follows the podcasts will understand our love for this label.  Phunky Rabbit Records. As always you stumble across the most superb finds when least expected.  I met record label boss Malc East through a radio show I listen to on Gravity Fm, Global House Sessions, search itunes for the podcast, it's one not be missed.  After a few messages we got on the promo list and never looked back.  Every tune seems to get played on our podcasts so this label is doing something right.
So how did it all start?

PR. Well the idea started to form the label was between myself and Bjarne Sorum who is a house producer from Norway. We wanted an outlet for our own music plus wanted to give other new producers a chance to put their material out. We also got a lot of established producers on board as well. The label was invented late 2011 but it wasnt until May 2012 that it was launched. Bjarne left the label after a few months so i now run it single handed. 

F1. How many artists do you have onthe label?
PR. I have round about 50 from well established to new comers.

F1. What new artists do you have lined for later in the year?

PR. I have some interesting artists from South Africa coming up with new vocalists also waiting in the wings. Some really interesting stuff coming up. Also a collaboration with Epoque Music (Mike Evans) where i will be releasing some of their artists tracks.

F1. Where can everyone buy and download the tunes on your label?
PR. Well the packages can be bought from all download stores but 95% of my sales are through Traxsource.
F1. Whats your favorite tune of all time.

PR. Wow i really couldnt commit to one there are so many.

F1. Whats your favorite label at the moment?

PR. Again that is a hard one. Obviously the big ones like defected but if i had to really pick one i love the stuff Reel People Music put out.

F1. Who is your favorite Dj?

PR. Haha again now you are asking me. Where do you start ... so many good DJs about.

F1. You also produce tracks, how long have you been doing this and what new tracks do you have out?

PR. I have been producing and releasing house tracks under my Placidic Dream guise for over 5 years now. I have not done as much production as i would have liked this year as i have been so busy with the label. You can catch my releases here. I hope to be able to find more time for production in 2014.

F1. Are you a Football or Golf man?
PR. Football. Manchester United all the way.

F1. Thanks for the time Malc in answering our questions.  We wish you all the sucess and growth with the label.  As always full support from F1 Djs.

PR. Hey thanks Matt and all your DJs for your support. I will continue to scout about for the best material for you guys. It is all about the music.
I would like to add that i am setting up a sub label called Phunky Pig for mainly Tech and Deep house which will be run by Tim Wright.

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