Friday, 30 October 2009

hits from the bong vol. 1

what we have here is very special..... we're going back to the speed garage days with a selection of underground classics for all to enjoy and re-live!

you'll have to excuse a couple of pops and crackles from the vinyl as they've had some hammer over the years, although some of the oldest Strictly Rhythm platters still give off a really sharp sound. anyone who owns one will know what i mean..

the first in this prestigeous line up is very special and i think i bought it from Arcade Records nottingham. it gives off a wicked party vibe and is still sat in my box to this day..

>>>divine soul - shake that ass!! (black & white party)<<<

next up is a remix of a well known record which was only available on the double pack release and i couldn't afford it at the time so i went without. then Tuff Jam released their first mix compliation "underground frequencies" where the track featured on a bonus unmixed CD. pretty much useless to me as the pioneer cdj500 had only just come out and cost a fortune!

two big tracks next remixed by none other than Armand van Helden. whilst speed garage was making an impact on clubland these two tracks stood head & shoulders above the rest. i remember it was elkies birthday party at the rugby club and tipps and i dropped the runaway remix, jesus, we would only have been 16/17!

im losing the will to live whilst converting vinyl to cd and uploading etc so here are the others i had in mind, we'll call them bonus tracks yeh?

more quality conversions to follow very soon!!

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