Sunday, 25 October 2009

what time is it...

elk>> it's been a while and we are back with full effect

woods>>we've now moved to temporary premises, the dining room! Don't worry though the sounds are still fresh enough to suit your pallette..

..we have a fresh new mix for all lovers of quality rips 'n' flips

elk>> sunday's just aren't the same without the f1 hot mix. so since we've been away we have a new member to the f1 klan on it's way, package open feb 2010, handle with care. the warehouse project is at it's early stage and we look forward to many fresh mixes with the f1 mix-alot-crew

woods>>mate, I cannot wait for that. one big mash-up? in a warehouse style? you know it makes sense rodney!

elk>>just keep posted for news on that one..... for now we have a splendid mixture of f1 hits and we don't stop rockin'....

Lionel Richie - All Night Long (Mightyfools Remix)
Lily Allen - The Fear (Bat B More Bootleg)
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Women (2009)
Patric La Funk - Xylo (Bingo Players Mix)
Phonat - Fire
Fenech Soler - Lies (Phantom's Revenge Remix)
Louis La Roche - Missing You
Audiobully's - Way Too Long (Switch Remix // Kyle Watson Edit)
Knightlife - Discotirso
DJ Falcon - Untitled (Hijack Remix)
Michael Jackson - Say Say Say
Burns - In My Eyes (His Majesty Andre Remix)
Hostage - Badman
Jack Beats - Rainstick (Herve's Monsoon Mix)
La Roux - I'm Not your Toy (DATA Rmx)
The Phantom's Revenge - Late
Bestrack - Do It All Night
The Phantom's Revenge - Jonny Lawrence of the Cobra Kai
Dominik De Leon - Everything Changes (TV Rock mix)

woods>>as you can see from the tracklist this is a truly spectacular mix for you to download and rock to on the ipod!

elk>>ipod, nimrod, we are GOD, thanks for listening. Until the next time, stay safe bloggers.

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