Thursday, 3 March 2011

...Hot Pink Delorean

Hot Pink Delorean are Chris Barlow, Jon Spero and Matt Simmers from Boston USA. They make everything from dubstep to electro via tech, prog and house. The trio have also remixed artists like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Q-tip, Pixie Lott and Just Jack; tour all over the planet and count the likes of Carl Cox and Benny Benassi as fans. They recently toured with Kissy Sell Out around the UK and have just remixed DJ Fresh and Sigma ‘Lassitude’ for one of the biggest drum & bass labels in the business, Breakbeat Kaos. It’s a tension filled cut which builds for a couple of minutes before major chord stabs slice into the mix and an amped-up, shiny edged electro house beat hangs in the background. Another upcoming release includes Club Crashers EP on Overthrow Music Authority, and it’s just as likely to destroy dance floors as is ‘Lassitude.’ Their own new label, Hot Pink Delorean Music Company also has a strong release schedule in 2011 with the tunes ‘Excite Music’, ‘Watch the Sunrise’, ‘My Favourite’ and ‘Muppet Bar Fight’ all due to drop in the early part of the year.

This mix is the Burn Paris Burn mixtape. Mind blowing is an understatment. These guys are hot business and not to mess to with.

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