Thursday, 31 March 2011

...Happy old skool

We had this invite to a crazy party and as a special gift we played some tunes and had a right good old dance. Stevie we hope you enjoy the 30min mixes we recorded for you. We did record more but the mixer had some mad crackling noise and no left channel so they sound really poor. Shame really as the tunes are mentally good.
So as a special treat to all the party people and to our followers we have some classic mixes for you from back in 2005. Yes old skool F1.
Woods, do you remember the days, these mixes bring it all back. A fact for you; F1 got the name through loving the funk and Funk no.1 was the idea shortened to F1. The secret it out.......

Shouts for this post are always the boyz @bangerzonly, DJ Oz for the funky love, The -3 degree Marquee crew and birthday bird Stevie x

F1 and out.

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