Saturday, 2 April 2011

... Crookers are back

Crookers are set to release their new collaborative EP ‘Bust ‘Em Up’ through Southern Fried on May 2nd. Italian electro duo Crookers took the scene by storm last year with the release of their first full length. Sure, many of the tracks were already staples of their live set but ‘Tons Of Friends’ was still a refreshing listen. Deeply eclectic, the album was followed by a series of international dates. Crookers hit the road, becoming fixtures on the festival circuit. Making friends along the way, the duo returned to the studio late last year. Recruiting Swedish producer Savage Skulls to help them, the four dance boffins set about blasting ideas at one another. Locked in a studio for ten days, sessions took place half-way up a mountain in Switzerland. Left alone to concentrate on their music, Crookers have returned with three absolute bangers. Released as a Dr Gonzo project – a nod to the cult writer Hunter S Thompson – the EP is bursting with energy. Opening with ‘Bust ‘Em Up’ the track is a relentless attack on the senses. A furious blast of fun electro beats, Swedish two piece Savage Skulls really add something distinct to the sessions. Continuing with ‘Get The F*ck Out My House’ the EP finishes with ‘Springer’. Retaining the energy of their debut album, the latest release from Crookers has a cartoon like energy which is difficult not to be hooked by. The unrelenting pace of the EP owes much to the input of Savage Skulls, who seem to unleash something within the Italian duo. Due to be released by Southern Fried, the new EP finds Francesco Barbaglia and Andrea Fratangelo re-capturing the blistering energy of those initial tracks which made their reputation. Crookers present Dr Gonzo ‘Bust ‘Em Up’ will be released on May 2nd. Annie Mac played the Ep last night on radio1 and it blew me away. The energy from the tracks is real club banger material.

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