Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Effluxion - we introduce you

Today was one of those days, sat at the office desk, phone vibrates, it's a message from John Donoghue.  We played 'the trip' one of Johns tracks on the last mixtape we made. (mix is below)
John thanked us for playing his tune, but to be honest we thank you John (Effluxion)for making such a top track.  We even played the original version so this track is one banger.
This is from Effluxion.......
I have a new track out soon on Sequential Records here in Manchester called Blue Room. Here’s the SoundCloud rip (Nothing on my SC page is mastered):
I have this track, another remix for Sequential which is similar to Blue Room (Rosenhaft – Born To Make U Sweat) and then quite a fair few out as part of SoulReazon (Produced with a friend).
We, as SoulReazon, have just released an EP on Applique called Judgement Day EP but this one might be a bit techy for you. Check it out anyway and see what you think:
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