Sunday, 2 December 2012

Traktor is now our weapon of choice

For those that already know (F1djs, Matt & Dan) use Traktor software.  It started with the scratch duo and we use Pro.  The image above is our studio set up.

Things didn't use to be like this.  We started on some Technics 1210s when we were 15yrs old.  Now at at he age of 33 we have been through cdjs, mixers and mp3 players and finally technology gave us what we wanted.  A program that handle the different music styles we like to play and all the effects and loops any Dj could ask for.  Traktor is now our weapon of choice.  Using the software to sync all the tracks means we can be more creative with our mixes using more effects, loops and quicker mixing all adds to the new style we have addapted.  The biggest thing was that we can just go to the studio with a usb drive full of new tunes and off we go.  No more carrying record boxes and cd cases.  We now use the camelot mixing method and this has improved the way we look at putting our tracks togther.

Over time we have found some great little tips from other blogs and people we know.  These are just 2 great Traktor based info blogs we wanted to share.

10 Hidden Traktor tips.
Traktor tips blog, you also find our friday guest mix on here.

Happy mixing and remember the sync button won't make you a greatDj.  Knowing your tracks will.

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