Monday, 19 January 2009

STOP!!!!!!!!!! Hammer Time

Well another week has passed and the F1 boys are planning big things for 2009. Sunday mixing is the only time we get to chat about the shit life throws at you..... After talking really hard we pulled out the stops and sprayed the air with fresh sounds, a bit like a 'HAZE' spray thing but not as cheap, so it went a bit DISCO in the middle but thats just F1 style. Smiles all round, Woods has the that cheeky grin that says 'for some reason i'm really happy', and Me, just happy to be able to walk out of the kitchen having done no washing up.....YOU BEAUTY

No more nails and Homebase hammers, not the correct way to hang a picture but picture this, close ya eyes and dream of hot summer days, white fluffy clouds and proper Electronic Disco...

Click/Download/Enjoy....................F1 & out.

Hammer Time

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