Sunday, 4 January 2009

'what happens on sundays'

'what happens on sundays'....................F1 rock the freaking place

This Sunday we are graced with the Garage Boys, Jim and Bengo, in the kitchen for a mix up.

Get ya ear drums around this sexy little number. 70mins of pure elctrorgasmic sounds.

Jim and Bengo are the men behind The Garage Boys, a small group of Dj's that spin around in the well known Garage Disco (Rusko), it's all dirty beats and the best lighting rig in town. The Garage Boys invited F1 to join them in the Garage and we fell in love with the place....F1 Mixalot Crew was born....when we all get in the mix the music style is electro, fidget and tech house. Bengo joined us at Heathfeilds and rocked the joint, this year's outdoor festival is gonna be off the hook.
Enjoy the mix....Download for free now...................F1 and out

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