Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back to the old skool

Way back in 1983, two young boys met for the first time at a rundown village hall. From that day on we stayed friends and still share a big love for music. 1995 It all started with two 1210's and a made to fade mixer. The venue was Dan's bedroom, the boys would come round for a smoke and a mix. Friday night was the night that we would spend hours playing tunes and listening to Radio1, Tongy and Rampling are the guys that kept us in touch with fresh soundz.

So we have brought it back to the old skool with this mix. It's been a while but the plastic had to come out the box. A funky house set of the most pure and soulful tunes around.

Download this mix and experience the soul within.....bosssshhhhhh

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