Monday, 26 January 2009 for a small one?

.....this next mix is a solo effort from sh'boy woods>>f1 and was one of those moments where i had just walked the dog, downed a quick drink and disappeared up the communial passage make dreams come to reality.

what we have here is a scintillating composite of smutty breaks, unsanitary bass and simply adorable hooks.

i kind of disagree with the musical term eclectic being recognised as "shit" by the masses but provided you get the mix right, i'm happy to use it on this occasion.

i was in a deep/dirty mood overall which relates to the idiotproof section towards the end of the mix who are quite literally, ramming home their message. Jesus, i mean anyone who is ignorant enough to not know what they're about needs some education!! You can find such wholly organic produce on Beatport - goodies like their audiobullys - flickery vision remix ...

i'm still trying to hunt down a copy of their remix of armand van helden's - a track called jack however (nudge nudge).

another featured favourite is chris lake and the beautifully arranged mission which is one of those tunes with a haunting riff that drives you wild, one which sits inside your head...pretty much forever, don't say i didn't warn you.

...finally i would like to draw all your attention to matt's 30th birthday.....which was yesterday. i've known this little bitch since we were 3 and i would like to congratulate him on reaching such a ripe old age, well done son.

for now though, pin back your ears and embrace the dirty kitchen quickie ....


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  1. yo yo yo, top mix, thank you bruv.....30 fuckin yrs old. here's to another 30..